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Dark And Darker: How To Upgrade Bard From Zero To Hero In Goblin Caves?

Posted: Aug 18, 2023

Today I want to share here how I upgraded Bard from zero to Hero in Goblin Caves. If you want to learn more about this, then this guide is a must for you. It covers all the spells I use and tips to look out for.

Enhanced Damage

First, we’ll take Rapier Mastery and Interaction Speed. This can be helpful if you want to grab some loot early in Goblin Caves. Also, I chose a Weapon Mastery. Because I might run into some PVP situations, or even just clear some Goblins.

But the biggest obstacle with Bard is that you can’t do any damage. So maybe Piercing Shrill and Shriek of Weakness are a better way for Bard to clear the mobs. But it’s really hard for you to do that at the beginning of PVP.

Dark And Darker: How To Upgrade Bard From Zero To Hero In Goblin Caves?

So we’re going to use everything to enhance ourselves as usual. You need to get your timing right here, as it only deals 26 damage to the enemy’s head. So it’s a tough profession.

We want to get Bard consistent damage output in the first step, using Shriek of Weakness to make clearing PVE easier. Time is your number one enemy in any situation. Because you won’t have time to do all of this after clearing PVE loot chests. Especially if you’re going to lose time with some PVP distractions.

Unchained Harmony

So the other thing I did was I took Unchained Harmony, which let us open chests a little faster to help you get your loot faster. It also helps you open that door while dodging PVE, which keeps you from getting stuck in an interaction or spell wheel. So you can use it to escape a lot of unruly situations.

In fact, it’s a pretty solid spawn, and you’ll get a lot of locked loot boxes. The only thing that really annoys you is that the monsters are outside. You know the boundaries of this room and you can add planted things in the middle. But we can’t do that with Bard because they’re hard to survive.

Note that we can play songs at this point. Because you get a 120 second cooldown on popping. That’s much better than 90 seconds and means you don’t need to send the song as often. And when we start Charismatic Performance Perk, it’s a must-choose in pretty much any setup we use.

We might leave some PVP alone on this part of the map so far. Considering it’s a very busy corridor, I don’t want to continue doing this. Because we want to strengthen ourselves.

Dark and Darker Bard Gameplay

Kill Spider Mummy

Also, I’ve noticed that Spider Mummy in show Beta or Early Access is pretty tough. Their attack speed is a little faster, which can be a bit frustrating when you’re using a sword for a spike. Because you can’t always kill with one hit.

When you start looting the jars around, these Spiders Mummy will start attacking you. We can open the jar after killing them. There are a lot of little gems and stuff here. You can also earn handsome Dark and Darker Gold by selling them.

Avoid Monster Damage

It’s still pretty quiet on PVP side of what we said before going into this next wooden door. Here we can know that the advantage of playing the song early is that the enhancement will not change its duration. You still get full value. And Harmonic Shield can neutralize of damage from that bow for us.

When we heard footsteps near the left, this could have been the start of the confusion. Our best course of action is to run. Since the monster here has a Prot Bubble on it once it bursts, it will drain our remaining 80 health points.

Dark and Darker: Goblin Caves Map Tips

We just need to get out of here. Light fighters here mean absolutely nothing. These monsters can still easily kill us with that armed sword. So successfully taking these loot away is the most important thing. Because once we are killed by monsters, we will end up with nothing.

Finally, we have two weapons: Hand Crossbow and Survival Bow, as well as some items you get on other chests in Goblin Caves. These meet the requirements for Bard to upgrade to Hero.

The above is the entire process of Bard successfully upgrading from zero to Hero in Goblin Caves. One thing to note is that the first thing you do is play your tune and upgrade your sword afterward. Whatever your personal preference, Arming Sword or Rapier are worth picking. Good luck.


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