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A Complete Guide To New World Factions

Posted: Nov 12, 2022

Because there are no other classes, New World novice players can only experience one character after determining the server. Therefore, at this time, the most important problem faced by players is how to pick a faction that suits them.

The reason why factions can't be picked at random is that the choice of factions can put a lot of restrictions on your gameplay. Once you've settled on a faction, it means you can't join other factions for the next 120 days. Meanwhile, you can only join guilds that match your chosen faction. Factions also represent your game stance. Therefore, when you participate in New World PvP mode, there is a high chance that you will be attacked by players of hostile factions outside the safe zone.

Of course, picking a faction is also very important. Since in New World, no matter what faction you belong to, as long as you are the winning side, you can be responsible for the development and tax rates of settlements, and gain local buffs. Therfore, you can represent your faction and control as many settlements as possible in Wars, 50v50 PvP battles to give your faction an advantage. So, what factions are there in New World? How should you pick a faction? I will answer them one by one for you.

What Factions Are There In New World?

New World has a total of three factions, namely: Marauders, Covenant and Syndicate.


Players in Marauders are often referred to as the "ruthless military force". If you like to take your enemies down with force, then Marauders are suit for you.


Every player from Covenant has a "fanatical order". That is to purify all uncleanness and heresy from New World. If you are a righteous man and enjoy being holier-than-thou and smiting sinners, then you should definitely join Covenant.


Syndicate is simply a "secretive organisation of boundless guile and intellect". If you don't like going head-to-head, then Syndicate must be your best bet. Because players in this camp prefer to get information sneakily, and then give the enemy a fatal blow.

 New World factions

How Should You Pick A Faction?

Before you can pick your faction, you must complete a series of beginner quests. In each settlement, there will be representatives belonging to three different factions. Find them in your local settlement and talk to them one by one. After the conversation, you can receive introductory quests from them. After completing all the quests, you can choose your favourite faction from the three factions.

If you are still struggling to choose a faction, you may try the following two methods. One way is to choose a faction with players you know or play with. The second method is to keep an eye out for guilds that are recruiting members.

Server balance is also an aspect you need to consider when picking a faction. If you choose the largest faction on the server, you can get more rewards early in the game. You will also have a relatively low chance of being selected for war or encountering enemies in open-world PvP. If you choose one of the "underdogs", you have the opportunity to team up against the biggest faction. All you have to do is take back as much control of the area as you can and increase your guild's advantage.

These are just some of my personal opinions. I would more recommend that you choose the faction with the lore and feel you like.

Did you gain a better understanding of faction selection through my explanation? If so, go to There, we also prepared more news and guides about New World and other games for you. At the same time, we also prepared enough New World Coins for players. If you happen to have such needs , you can go to IGGM to buy cheap New World Coins now.


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