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A Brief Introduction To Talents In Torchlight: Infinite

Posted: Oct 27, 2022

Once you've picked your starting heroes, the next most important thing is to equip them with talents.

Unlike game systems in other ARPGs and MMORPGs, where only a specific character can be defined as a specific playstyle, the gameplay and combat style of each hero in Torchlight: Infinite can be customized by the player.

Talents in Torchlight: Infinite is divided into six different Gods in total. And these six Gods actually represent 6 different masters of the elements. You can find 4 separate panels below each God. After players have selected the talents they want in the God trees, they can directly fill these four panels with these talents. Here is a summary of all talents in God trees:

1. God of Might

2. Goddess of Hunting

3. Goddess of Knowledge

4. Goddess of Darkness

5. God of War

6. God of Machines


Although each player can get at most 24 talent panels to choose from, there can be more than three talent panels that can be customized by the player.

In the first talent panel, you need to choose a talent that is more suitable for the character you choose from the 6 talents mentioned above. For example, if your hero of choice is Berserker Rehan, your talent should be "God of Might".

In the second talent panel, the player needs to select and populate a specific talent available to the character. In a way, these talents should be exclusive to the character you choose.

The third and final talent panel, players can freely choose and fill any one of the six talents, without considering the other conditions.

The above is a brief introduction to talents. We will continue to update news about Torchlight: Infinite in the future. If you are a loyal player of this game, I recommend you to visit our website, Here you can not only see free guides about the game, but also buy Torchlight: Infinite Flame Elementium with great prices. IGGM is always waiting for your arrival!


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