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Path Of Exile Delirium Made Improvements In Performance And Skill Through Update 1.45

Posted: Apr 18, 2020

Path of Exile released the first expansion for 2020 in March, Delirium, and continued to update for improvements and bug fixes during this time. With Patch 3.10.1 Update 1.45, it added a variety of new features in performance and skill, here are the entire patch notes.

It is mainly about Delirium, Sirus, Metamproh and microtransactions in the game, also fixing a client crash that could occur when monster used an Expanding Nova skill.

"Quick Search" feature, which can search the highlighted item types and add ~ within the filtered text to press "L3+ Triangle".

Beyond that, more bug fixed to add, like preventing the Bloodscent Cluster Jewel passive from working if you were using it in combination with Rage Support and where Immortal Call didn't count as a Non-Vaal Guard Skill for the sake of the Veteran's Awareness Cluster Jewel Keystone passive.

Also, it made adjustments for divination cards of the Mayor, The Endless Darkness, The Price of Loyalty and the Chosen, these cards did not correctly give credit towards the "Turn in Divination Cards" challenge when turned in.

Full patch notes can be checked on Path of exile site.

Path of exile Delirium is still following the "free to play" model, and there are a variety of currency items in the game that need to invest to expand the characters' skills and competitiveness.

You have never been required to "pay to win", so we will offer cheap POE Currency to meet your commands for virtual currency. Here is a store IGGM, specifically for MMORPG players, where you can buy POE-related goods, such as Exalted Orb, Chaos Orb with ultra-low price, it can offer the 10-minute delivery, professional online service and refund policy for you to enjoy the game.


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