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Krosmonote: DOFUS Retro Update And DOFUS Unity Images Prototype

Posted: Nov 26, 2019

Posted: Nov 26, 2019

Source:  IGGM

DOFUS is a game that simulates the daily round of 12 gods living in "The World of Twelve". Players can create a 2D avatar for their characters among them, each one has a unique set of spells that other classes can not obtain, then defeating monsters and completing quests to reach their achievements.

By now, DOFUS is 15 years old, the developer Ankama also released a series of celebrations this summer including DOFUS Retro, which is an unofficial mod of DOFUS, bringing part of old players back to 10 years ago on the premise of improving game comfort and server merge.

After that, Ankama also released a new conference of DOFUS on November 21, Krosmonote, revealing the important messages of the development of DOFUS Unity. Ankama first released the images of DOFUS Unity to satisfy the curiosity of players, this directly shows the future direction of DOFUS. It was announced by the host in the last session of Krosmonote. Although we can't get much information through the images until now, it can be ensured that a new development of DOFUS has started.

Ankama just released a short trailer of DOFUS Unity, and emphasized that this update is still in the pre-production stage, which is a long process, but more details will be leaked out in the next few months.

DOFUS is added the 3D prototypes and scenery, but the result of the game gives the impression of 2D to players, this is the first time that Ankama brings 3D elements to the game.Anyway, the developers and game fans think this is a pretty good attempt, Unity is a game engine that brings more 3D effects to games and creates a better visual effect.

There is a marketplace in some cities throughout DOFUS, which can add DOFUS Kamas to your account to make questing easier, and the best choice is to buy DOFUS Kamas. Now, there are double discounts on IGGM for DOFUS orders:

1.10% off for all within 1 year when becoming a VIP on IGGM2.10% off for DOFUS orders

The above two discounts can be used together, no registration fee, no service fee, and no minimum requirements for the purchase.


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