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Jahash: A New Single-Account Server To Add On DOFUS

Posted: Mar 27, 2020

Ankama adds a new monocompte server for DOFUS on March 26 to accommodate more players, Jahash, along with a new week free subscription.

Due to the popularity of DOFUS, a large number of players flooded into the existing servers to create the connection queues, in order to ensure that players' login to the game is not affected, DOFUS will invite newly added players to start adventures on the Jahash server.

According to the current online players of DOFUS, the previous Ilyzaelle single server of DOFUS has been saturated, if let it continue to run with more players, it will break down, this is why DOFUS adds Jahash server.

With Jahash server, every player is allowed to create one account at a time, and it will share the 5 character slots with the "old" Ilyzaelle server.

As the Ilyzaelle server was already the result of a merger, Jahash can not be merged with the server for the time being, also, a new server Temporis would open several days later for it.The Jahash is not allowed incoming migrations from a non-single-account server, but outgoing migrations from the server. Between Jahash and Ilyzaelle, they can not be merged now, as the player base of these two servers should keep balance.

As for DOFUS Kamas, Jahash doesn't allow Kama Exchange temporarily, but soon it will be shared between two servers to prevent kama transfers in this period. Simply put, DOFUS Kamas on these servers in universal through exchange.

Now, Jahash is already available on DOFUS, and DOFUS Kamas can make your adventure more challenging and fun. Here is a great place to gain Kamas, IGGM, a store to make online shopping easier.

In the complex market, IGGM is trusted by consumers, it insists that long-term customers can bring more profits, so it never deceives consumers, more importantly, it sells goods at a cheaper price than other stores. Now there are special offers on the site, everyone can get a 10% cheaper price for DOFUS Kamas to make you save money while playing.


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