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Harvest Will Not Immediately Become A Core Gameplay Of Path Of Exile

Posted: Aug 14, 2020

Posted: Aug 14, 2020

Source:  IGGM

There are still five weeks left in Harvest, which means that the 3.12 expansion launched in September is getting closer. At the same time, players may want to know what Harvest will look like in the future, and the official has given plans!

In short, Harvest will not immediately become a core game mechanic of Path of Exile, but it may be reintroduced in the future.

When the developers designed the Harvest, they wanted to try a more deterministic crafting system that would allow players to access more powerful items earlier in the character process. In this sense, the crafting system is undoubtedly successful. However, at the top of the gameplay, Harvest makes it easy for players to gain very powerful items that previously required a lot of work and investment to obtain. This was acceptable for a temporary challenge league, but if the item economy of the path of exile is kept in its current state, it will cause problems for the long-term healthy development of the game.

Therefore, Harvest would require a significant amount of rebalancing in order to reach a healthy level of power for the core game. They will re-evaluate the crafting mechanics to determine how many they are willing to keep and how much remaining crafting would need to be rebalanced.

The standard method of adding mechanics to core gameplay where they gain a 10% chance to appear in maps also doesn't really work for Harvest, as it would mean you would only make growth progress in your Sacred Grove every ten maps which wold be dissatisfying and slow. The developers of Path Of Exile are planning to study an alternate method to provide access to the Harvest mechanic. It does not strictly rely on RNG, but implementing something like this will take a long time and therefore not immediate. Players need to wait patiently.

And Harvest mechanic also creates some database problems in terms of the amount of data being stored. This is an important technical problem. Developers need to solve it before allowing it to exist long-term.

All changes require a lot of time, which cannot be achieved immediately. If you are enjoying the current Harvest, be sure to take advantage of it as much as possible. If you finally find it difficult in the process, but you want to experience the next task as soon as possible, the best way is to go to IGGM to purchase POE Currency, which will definitely help you a lot. Because in the few weeks, you should experience the game to the greatest extent. Because bygone is bygone. So players who are still trapped in the task, go to IGGM to buy POE Currency must be the right choice, it is worth it. And the price of POE Currency on IGGM is lower than the market price, which undoubtedly saves you a lot of money, and they have a fast delivery speed, you don't need to wait long to have POE Currency.


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