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Elder Scroll Online Free Play Event For Dragonhold In November

Posted: Nov 05, 2019

Going to the free season of the Elder Scrolls Online, and ZeniMax adds a free play period in every DLC to let players on all platforms experience the whole content of the game, this new play free event is set to start this Wednesday following the latest DLC Dragonhold release, and it won't stop until November 13. During this period, you can pretend to be a member of ESO Plus for playing all DLCs without any extra cost.

At the end of August, a similar free play event kicked off by ZeniMax to celebrate the release of DLC Scalebreaker, if you have participated in the event, you can continue to play. And any newly created ESO account during the limited time can also receive 500 Crowns as a reward, which requires a few dollars to buy in the Crown Store of ESO.

As the last DLC of the Season of the Dragon, ZeniMax added almost all the things you want in Dragonhold, and more than a dozen days ago, it already launched on PC, and it comes to PS4 and Xbox One today as scheduled.

At 10 AM EST on November 6, the free play event will begin, and you can log in or create an ESO account and choose your platforms to start the adventure until 10 am EST on November 13, after that, if you still want to keep playing, you have to buy the whole game.

The Elder Scrolls Online is such an attractive game, and you can create your own choices, the zones to explore, and play your own story in your favorite way, since you can decide what you are playing, this really gives you more freedom throughout the game.

Dragonhold is the sixteenth DLC of ESO, and players must pay 2000 crowns for it. To be honest, the free play event offers the opportunity for some players to consider whether to buy the new DLC or not, they can try first before purchasing.

However, ESO seems to have never been disappointing, ZeniMax has been working to improve the quality and freshness of ESO in order to attract more players, with Dragonhold, we still expect to see something new.

Following the release of Dragonhold, we started a discount code "IGGM" to give you a 5% off every ESO order, which is also the name of our site. As a newly established website, we only focus on selling the currency of several popular MMOs, including ESO Gold. However, the good quality of goods is absolutely guaranteed, and we promise that this will not bring any risks to your account. In short, you will have a joyful shopping experience from our site, you will never regret doing so.


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