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New World: These 4 Locations Are Highly Recommend For Gold Farming In Season 5

New World: These 4 Locations Are Highly Recommend For Gold Farming In Season 5

Greeting, fellow players! Today, I'm excited to share you 4 raw resources you can farm in specific locations to accumulate significant wealth in New World Season 5. Despite the drop in overall pricing in crafting, there are still straightforward methods to amass gold. Let me introduce them to you.

Valuable Resources

For gold making in the New World Season 5, the raw resources are the most important to focus on. After carefully analyzing the market, I identified the most valuable resources for gold-making. On my server, the top 4 resources are Ironwood, Lodestone, Dark Hide, and Orichalcum Ore.

Ironwood stands out as the most lucrative, followed by Loadstone, which commands a price of 64 each. While Dark Hide is less expensive, its abundance makes it a worthwhile addition to the list, offering quick returns. Lastly, the Orichalcum Ore, though less profitable, remains notable for its availability.

In the subsequent section of this guide, I will outline the 4 optimal locations for harvesting these 4 resources and then vendor for large number of wealth. By doing so, you can ensure that you are making the most efficient use of your time while gathering these valuable materials.

1. Edengrove - Ironwood

Let's start by discussing prime locations for farming the Ironwood trees. One of the most favorable spots is found in Edengrove. Begin your journey at the Spirit Shrine, then proceed a short distance northward, circling through the area.

In this location, you'll encounter a generous abundance of the Ironwood trees ripe for harvesting. Don't forget to leverage your consumables or, in some cases, utilize some of your New World Coins to optimize your overall output during this endeavor.

2. Weaver's Fen - Loadstone

Let's talk about the Loadstone, a well-known resource in the New World. Head to the Weaver's Fen, just north of Glacial Tarn Shrine. If you open your map, you'll see a prime area for Loadstone farming. Start in a small circle, head north, and follow the direction.

As you traverse, you'll encounter an abundance of Loadstone nodes. This area stands out as arguably the optimal spot for Loadstone farming, promising swift and bountiful returns. If you're seeking rapid profits, investing your time and effort into harvesting Loadstone is undoubtedly worthwhile.

3. Elysian Wilds - Dark Hide

Continuing forward, let's explore one of the preferred regions for harvesting Dark Hide: the Elysan Wilds area, particularly in the upper right quadrant. While the entire map offers abundant Dark Hide, should you desire a more concentrated endeavor, directing your efforts to this specific locale proves fruitful.

For those desiring a more targeted approach, directing your efforts towards the Alligators inhabiting this area yields significant advantages. I strongly advocate for the use of a spear when engaging these creatures, as it notably enhances efficiency and facilitates the collection process.

4. Reekwater - Orichalcum Ore

Last but not least, for farming the Orichalcum Ore, we need to head to the lower right corner of Reekwater and there will be an abundance of resource. Head straight down, encountering a significant concentration of Orichalcum Ore Veins. While there are multiple locations to mine this resource, this area is to be the most condensed and efficient.

I recommend mining before the Operas event and maximizing the yield. After mining the entire line of Orichalcum Ore Veins, join the Opera event, and upon completion, return to mine them again. This cycle repeats seamlessly. For those seeking optimal efficiency in farming Orichalcum, this spot in the lower right corner of Reekwater is undoubtedly the best choice.

New World: A Detailed Guide To Springtide Bloom Event 2024

New World: A Detailed Guide To Springtide Bloom Event 2024

Dear adventurers, this year’s Springtide Bloom Event is back in New World Aeternum. You have until April 30th to get involved! This event asks you to help Bloom Herald uncover the mysteries of the ethereal Wispybloom to earn new and returning event-specific rewards.

You need to visit some villages to start quests, earn reputation, and buy items in event-specific shops. In addition, you also need to make Wispy Spritz, because there will be swarms of Wispy Wasps guarding the blooms during harvest! You can use Spritz to lure Wasps into blast radius to kill them, and harvest Wispy Wasp Goo in exchange for Springtide Tokens.

In this guide, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about this year’s New World Springtide Bloom Event!

All Events Locations

Before jumping in, I need to remind you that Truth Seekers must be level 25 or higher before they can begin their quest for enlightenment.

There are four Springtide Bloom Locations around Aeternum: Monarch’s Bluff, Everfall, Brightwood, and Weaver's Fen. Each event location has an event-specific store, token trade-in location, and Wispy Spritz crafting tables. And you can also collect all Lore Pages here.

Start Event

To start an event, you need to visit one of the event locations. Talk to NPC on Bloom Herald platform to start the event. This will walk you through making your first Wispy Spritz and completing your first Wispybloom Field.

How To Make Wispy Spritz?

To complete this Wispybloom Fields event and get event-specific items, you’ll need to have some Wispy Spritz on hand. You can make them at any event location.

Before doing this, you need to prepare some materials, including: 10 Fiber, 3 Honey and 1 Fire Mote. This will give you 8 Wispy Spritz. Once you’ve crafted them, you’re ready to head to Wispybloom Field for the event.

Wispybloom Field

Wispybloom Fields are located throughout Aeternum. You can easily find them via circles in the sky and icons on the map.

Once you enter the field, 3 Wispy Wasps will spawn. They will chase you and cause damage to you, so be careful. If you have enough New World Coins, I would recommend equipping you with some decent gear to avoid getting hurt by these angry Wasps.

If you attack Wasps, you only deal 1 damage to them and cannot kill them. To destroy these Wasps, you need to spray Wispy Spritz on one of the glowing white circles. Then, lure Wasps there and Spritz will explode and damage them. But don’t worry, it won’t hurt you. You need to do this about 3 times to completely destroy these Wispy Wasps.

When you kill Wasps, sometimes you’ll be rewarded with a Wispy Wasp Goo. This will drop as a loot bag, so check it carefully. When they are dead, you are also free to pick the flowers in the center of the field. Harvesting this flower will reward you with some Wispybloom Petals.

These Goo and Petals can be exchanged for Springtide Tokens. You can then use these tokens in the event store to earn event-specific rewards.

Improve Event Reputation

It is worth noting that there are 3 tiers of items in the event store, namely Blossom, Shepard, and Herald. To access items in each tier, you need to gain sufficient event reputation. The required reputation for items in each tier is:

  • Blossom: 0 Reputation
  • Shepard: 1,000 Reputation
  • Herald: 4,000 reputation

You can earn event reputation by completing tasks, interacting with Joyous Gift Piles every day, and exchanging event items for event tokens.


Each settlement will have a richly decorated Springtide Centerpiece surrounded by a bunch of colorful Gift Baskets, and each Centerpiece can be looted once per day.

Additionally, you can pick up festive gifts at Springtide Villages center. Each village party bag pile can be robbed once per day, and there are 4 party bag piles in total. These will reset at 5am local time.

The above is all the contents of this Springtide Bloom Event guide. Hurry up and join in, reveal the secrets of event lore and win rewards!

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