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    Rusty Repeater

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    Death's Embrace

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    One-Eyed Joker Idol

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    Ethereal Orb

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    Burden of the Rebel

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    Shining Essence Echo

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    Feral Judgement

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    Decayed Margin

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    Range Finder

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    Faerie Needle

  • Burden of the Stargazer

    Burden of the Stargazer

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    Flyweight's Sting

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    Ring of Crisis

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    Targeting Jewel

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    Trainer Set

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    Conflux Prism

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    Soul Sliver

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    Ford's Scattergun

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    Scrap Hammer

  • Detonation Trigger

    Detonation Trigger

  • Ravager's Mark

    Ravager's Mark

  • Gul Serum

    Gul Serum

  • Burden of the Warlock

    Burden of the Warlock

About Remnant II

Remnant 2 is a third-person shooter action role-playing video game developed by Gunfire Games and published by Gearbox Publishing. As the sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes, the game was released for PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S in July 2023.

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Remnant 2: Top 6 Archetypes Ideal For Solo Players In The Game

Remnant 2: Top 6 Archetypes Ideal For Solo Players In The Game

Within Remnant 2, Archetypes fulfill a role akin to classes seen in other gaming contexts. These Archetypes significantly shape your character, allowing customization based on personal playstyle and preferences. Whether venturing alone or teaming up online, there are moments when flying solo is inevitable, or simply preferred for an independent gameplay experience.

Selecting the right Archetype becomes pivotal for a successful solo venture. You can thus harvest various Remnant 2 Items during the adventure.

Notably, the game allows the flexible use of 2 Archetypes simultaneously, enabling seamless switching during gameplay.

The addition of the Ritualist Archetype in the Awakened King release prompted this guide update, recognizing it as a formidable choice for solo players.


While the Healer Archetype might not seem initially suited for solo adventures, its capabilities are compelling.

Despite being labeled as a supportive class emphasizing healing and buffs for allies, these advantages extend to benefit the player as well. Thus, embarking on a solo journey is entirely feasible without external assistance.

Although offensive options are not its primary focus, the Healer remains reliable with potent healing abilities and self-buffing in combat situations.


Opting for the Summoner Archetype can significantly aid solo play.

This Archetype revolves around summoning Root Minions that provide offensive and defensive assistance. As solo play involves facing numerous enemies, this extra support proves invaluable.

However, summoning these minions diminishes your health. Therefore, early investment in the Vigor Trait to enhance maximum health becomes essential.

Additionally, obtaining the Amber Moonstone boosts defenses at lower health levels.


The Marksman Archetype excels in long-range combat, a strategic advantage for solo players to conserve Relics.

Specializing in improving ranged damage, exploiting weak spots, and enhancing reload speed, this Archetype grants access to the Hunter's Mark skill. This skill marks nearby enemies, allowing strategic navigation through encounters without direct engagement.

Marked enemies become more susceptible to increased damage, making clearing dungeons and managing encounters easier without the need for extensive healing.


Introduced with the Awakened King DLC, the Ritualist Archetype inflicts status effects on enemies strategically. Utilizing status effects as a focal point conserves ammo, weakening foes through these effects.

Notably, the Prime Perk Vile allows affected enemies to spread the status effect to nearby foes, enabling focus on a single enemy while witnessing a ripple effect of damage across others. Most of the Ritualist's skills focus on area-of-effect attacks, combining damage with status effects.


The Engineer specializes in wielding powerful heavy weaponry, deployable in turret mode.

Stationary turrets provide essential coverage against multiple adversaries frequently encountered in Remnant 2. The standout Prime Perk, High Tech, enhances weapons by overclocking them, granting infinite ammo and a damage boost - crucial when low on ammunition during enemy encounters.

Additionally, the Fortify Trait augments armor effectiveness, enhancing defensive capabilities. This Archetype offers versatility in both offensive and defensive aspects, ideal for solo play.


Considered the top choice for solo runs, the Handler Archetype revolves around a loyal dog companion.

Offering 3 distinct modes for commanding the dog's actions - staying close, engaging enemies, or boosting effectiveness - this companion possesses a remarkable ability: the capacity to revive the player given a charge from the Relic. This unique skill makes it an invaluable asset during challenging solo encounters, eliminating the need for additional player intervention.

The Handler ensures a smooth solo playthrough in Remnant 2 with its reliable companion and revive capability, allowing completion of the game without relying on additional players.

Remnant 2: What Are The Most Effective Builds In The Game? - Top 9

Remnant 2: What Are The Most Effective Builds In The Game? - Top 9

In Remnant 2, a diverse range of Remnant 2 Items, including weapons, rings, amulets, and various archetypes, allows you to craft your build to match your playstyle, whether it leans toward melee, ranged combat, or tanking. The game encourages players to pursue their creative build ideas, embodying the essence of Remnant 2's limitless potential.

Thanks to the extensive customization options available, every build holds validity in navigating the game. This compilation showcases some of the most potent builds tailored for distinct scenarios, equipping you with the necessary strategies to conquer the world of Remnant 2.

With the flexibility to create nearly any build in Remnant 2, thanks to its diverse archetypes, weaponry, and accessories, this list has been updated to incorporate several additional builds. These not only offer enjoyable gameplay but also exhibit effectiveness in combat.

9. Melee Build - Challenger And Handler Archetype

Surprisingly effective in a game emphasizing firearms, this build relies on melee attacks, necessitating an archetype capable of enduring heavy damage – the Challenger excels in this role. Its perks and abilities focus on resilience, ensuring survival in tough situations.

While predominantly using melee, having a ranged option is prudent. The Handler, with its reliable dog companion, serves as an ideal secondary archetype. This companion not only distracts and defeats foes but can also revive you in dire situations. It might not suit initial playthroughs but presents an enjoyable experimental build.

8. Support Build - Medic And Alchemist Archetype

Ideal for cooperative gameplay, assuming the vital support role to keep teammates engaged, this build shines in group settings. However, it's not recommended for solo adventures. Leveraging archetypes that excel in healing and bolstering defenses, the Medic and Alchemist play key roles.

The Medic primarily focuses on healing and reviving allies during challenging encounters, while the Alchemist enhances team defense and resilience. Players familiar with support roles in other games will find this setup familiar and rewarding.

7. Bow Build

A bow-centric build might seem unconventional in Remnant 2, but there's a specific bow in the game around which you can construct a powerful build. The Crescent Moon bow offers versatile capabilities, dealing damage, empowering arrows, and even healing your character through its unique mod. Its true potential emerges when paired with the Gunslinger and Hunter Archetypes.

The Gunslinger's Bulletstorm skill increases fire rate, addressing the bow's single-shot limitation, while also improving projectile speed and critical chance. Additionally, the Hunter's Shroud allows sneaking up on enemies, enhancing ranged damage and marking surrounding foes. This build challenges assumptions about bows' effectiveness in demanding gameplay like Remnant 2's.

6. Medic And Summoner Build

Combining the Medic and Summoner archetypes creates a potent synergy. The Medic's focus on healing extends to summoned minions, offering a constant supply of Relic charges. While the Medic lacks damage output, the Summoner compensates by summoning minions that not only distract enemies but also deal substantial damage. This pairing ensures a safe and effective build, particularly for newcomers or solo players.

5. Invader Build

The Invader archetype requires mastery due to its deviation from high-damage-focused archetypes. Yet, its skills offer a strategic advantage in maneuvering combat scenarios. Void Cloak, the first skill, allows automatic Perfect Dodges against direct damage for a set duration, especially useful against bosses.

Worm Hole, the second main skill, permits warping forward, dealing significantly increased damage with subsequent attacks. When coupled with a high-damage weapon like Sporebloom, this build yields substantial damage output. It's essential to focus on accessories that amplify ranged damage or firearms for this build.

4. Bleed Build

A Bleed build thrives in games featuring the Bleed status effect, and Remnant 2 is no exception. This build centers around inflicting Bleed on enemies and letting it cause significant damage, providing opportunities for finishing off foes with precise shots. It's a high-damage build requiring specific gear.

The Merciless weapon stands out for its built-in Bleed effect, making it a prime choice for this build. The Gunslinger and Hunter archetypes complement this setup well, allowing continuous firing, faster reload rates, critical hits, and sustained Bleed effects. Additionally, these archetypes grant unlimited ammo reserves, a significant advantage. However, experimenting with other archetypes is encouraged, as the core focus here is on Bleed, without any specific archetype excelling exclusively in that aspect.

3. Engineer And Summoner Build

Why engage directly when others can do it for you? This build combines skills from the Engineer and Summoner archetypes. The Engineer excels in deploying heavy weaponry as turrets, significantly boosting skill damage. These buffs benefit both your heavy weaponry and your summoned minions when utilizing the Summoner.

Summoning two minions with the Summoner archetype adds extra strength to your squad, distracting enemies and dealing substantial damage. In solo play, you essentially gain three additional party members, confounding enemies as they decide whom to target – you, the turrets, or the minions. Enemies are in for a challenge, and you'll relish the gameplay.

2. Status Effect Build - Ritualist Archetype

The Awakened King's release introduces the Ritualist, specializing in inflicting status effects and prolonging enemy damage and duration. Perfect for handling groups of foes, the Ritualist requires careful weapon selection to emphasize these effects. Options like Enigma or Merciless suit this build, ensuring your weapon packs a punch in these areas.

Regarding the secondary archetype, if preferring a tankier approach, the Challenger is ideal. For a DPS-focused playstyle, the Hunter or Gunslinger are excellent picks. Aligning the secondary archetype with your preferred style maximizes the Ritualist's strengths, making you a formidable force against groups of enemies.

1. Weapon Mod Build - Archon Archetype

The long-awaited Archon archetype focuses on Weapon Mods, excelling in generating them rapidly and boosting their damage and casting speed. This results in frequent Mod usage and increased damage output.

Surprisingly, the Summoner pairs exceptionally well with the Archon archetype. The Summoner's Dominator skill increases Mod and Skill damage by 35 percent, enhancing your mods' impact. While choosing a standard weapon from the game's selection is optional, selecting effective weapon mods against groups of enemies with low Mod requirements for quick reuse is crucial. Incorporating the Firestorm Mod into your primary weapon is highly recommended, guaranteeing its effectiveness when using this build.

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