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Remnant 2: Top 6 Archetypes Ideal For Solo Players In The Game

Posted: Jan 06, 2024

Within Remnant 2, Archetypes fulfill a role akin to classes seen in other gaming contexts. These Archetypes significantly shape your character, allowing customization based on personal playstyle and preferences. Whether venturing alone or teaming up online, there are moments when flying solo is inevitable, or simply preferred for an independent gameplay experience.

Selecting the right Archetype becomes pivotal for a successful solo venture. You can thus harvest various Remnant 2 Items during the adventure.

Notably, the game allows the flexible use of 2 Archetypes simultaneously, enabling seamless switching during gameplay.

The addition of the Ritualist Archetype in the Awakened King release prompted this guide update, recognizing it as a formidable choice for solo players.

Remnant 2 Top 6 Classes Ideal For Solo Play In The Game


While the Healer Archetype might not seem initially suited for solo adventures, its capabilities are compelling.

Despite being labeled as a supportive class emphasizing healing and buffs for allies, these advantages extend to benefit the player as well. Thus, embarking on a solo journey is entirely feasible without external assistance.

Although offensive options are not its primary focus, the Healer remains reliable with potent healing abilities and self-buffing in combat situations.


Opting for the Summoner Archetype can significantly aid solo play.

This Archetype revolves around summoning Root Minions that provide offensive and defensive assistance. As solo play involves facing numerous enemies, this extra support proves invaluable.

However, summoning these minions diminishes your health. Therefore, early investment in the Vigor Trait to enhance maximum health becomes essential.

Additionally, obtaining the Amber Moonstone boosts defenses at lower health levels.


The Marksman Archetype excels in long-range combat, a strategic advantage for solo players to conserve Relics.

Specializing in improving ranged damage, exploiting weak spots, and enhancing reload speed, this Archetype grants access to the Hunter's Mark skill. This skill marks nearby enemies, allowing strategic navigation through encounters without direct engagement.

Marked enemies become more susceptible to increased damage, making clearing dungeons and managing encounters easier without the need for extensive healing.


Introduced with the Awakened King DLC, the Ritualist Archetype inflicts status effects on enemies strategically. Utilizing status effects as a focal point conserves ammo, weakening foes through these effects.

Notably, the Prime Perk Vile allows affected enemies to spread the status effect to nearby foes, enabling focus on a single enemy while witnessing a ripple effect of damage across others. Most of the Ritualist's skills focus on area-of-effect attacks, combining damage with status effects.


The Engineer specializes in wielding powerful heavy weaponry, deployable in turret mode.

Stationary turrets provide essential coverage against multiple adversaries frequently encountered in Remnant 2. The standout Prime Perk, High Tech, enhances weapons by overclocking them, granting infinite ammo and a damage boost - crucial when low on ammunition during enemy encounters.

Additionally, the Fortify Trait augments armor effectiveness, enhancing defensive capabilities. This Archetype offers versatility in both offensive and defensive aspects, ideal for solo play.


Considered the top choice for solo runs, the Handler Archetype revolves around a loyal dog companion.

Offering 3 distinct modes for commanding the dog's actions - staying close, engaging enemies, or boosting effectiveness - this companion possesses a remarkable ability: the capacity to revive the player given a charge from the Relic. This unique skill makes it an invaluable asset during challenging solo encounters, eliminating the need for additional player intervention.

The Handler ensures a smooth solo playthrough in Remnant 2 with its reliable companion and revive capability, allowing completion of the game without relying on additional players.


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