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WOW Classic SOD: A Step-By-Step Guide To Complete The New Epic Crafted Gear Quest Chain In Phase 3

Posted: Apr 09, 2024

As always, in WOW Classic SOD Phase 3, players will also receive a set of epic crafted gear pieces. Obtaining this gear is crucial to your Phase 3 journey. Not only can you equip your character with them to boost stats, but you can also sell them on Auction House to earn extra WOW Classic SOD Gold.

To get this epic crafted gear, you need to complete a long quest chain. What’s more, you’ll also get some BiS items and rare consumables along the way, which can help you prepare for clearing the new Sunken Temple 20-man raid.

So, in this guide, we will share how to complete this quest chain and get this epic gear. We’ll give you tips on everything you need to do, so your exploration is smooth.

WOW Classic SOD: A Step-By-Step Guide To Complete The New Epic Crafted Gear Quest Chain In Phase 3

Before The Start

Before starting the quest chain, make sure you have reached level 50 and that your crafting professions are at least level 250.

To unlock new epic crafted gear, you need to travel to Ashenvale for the new Nightmare Incursions PVE event and delve into Warsong Lumber Camp so you can get Aura of Paralyzing Dread debuff.

Quest Route

You must then exit the portal and find Field Captain Hannalah where you will accept the quest, An Amalagamation of Nightmares.

Next, you need to go to Druid Trainer Loganaar in Moonglade and accept the next quest, Itharius.

I need to remind you that if you are not a Druid, you will have some difficulties getting to Moonglade, so be prepared for a round trip.

Itharius quest requires you to find Itharius, deep in a cave in the southwest corner of Swamp of Sorrows. Talk to Itharius to proceed to the next part of the quest, Going Under.

You will need to enter the new 20-man Sunken Temple raid and further into the instance. When you enter Lair of the Chosen, Going Under mission is also completed.

Then, return to Itharius and turn in the completed quest so that he can give you the follow-up Return to Moonglade quest, requiring you to return to Loganaar in Moonglade.

Once you turn in the mission, a Shadowy Figure will spawn next to Loganaar. She will give you the new A Fortuitous Turn of Events quest. Then, after you complete the dialogue options with Shadowy Figure, you will also receive the quest, The Bad News.

You’ll then head to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale and find the Injured Gnome in Salty Sailor Tavern. Once you talk to him, you’ll get Lost Vambraces quest.

WOW Classic SOD Phase 3: Nightmare Incursions PvE Event Preview

This quest requires you to travel to Jaguero Isle, off the east coast of Stranglethorn Vale. On the east side of Jaguero Isle, you'll find an Itty Bitty Murloc. After talking to it, you can interact with Mound of Dirt next to him. After interacting with Mound of Dirt and handing over Lost Vambraces, you will receive the dropped Decharged Void-Powered Vambraces.

Return to Moonglade again and talk to Shadowy Figure. Since you have now freed Decharged Void-Powered Vambraces, they will give you the quest, Waking the Nightmare, and ask you to return to where you started, Ashenvale Nightmare Incursions. They will also convert your Decharged Void-Powered Vambraces into Void-Powered Vambraces.

Equip your Void-Powered Vambraces, head to Ashenvale for Nightmare Incursions PVE event, then run back south of Warsong Lumber Camp where you can get Aura of Paralyzing Dread debuff. And your new items will protect you from debuffs.

Kill Nightmare Amalgamation

Because Nightmare Amalgamation will now spawn. This is a boss with over 180,000 health. So make sure to team up with a Healer, 3 DPS and a Tank to take him down. This boss has no complex mechanics, it just deals with heavy damage.

Once you kill it, be sure to loot Mantle of Nightmares from it. Then return to Moonglade and give Waking the Nightmare to Shadowy Figure. In exchange, she will give you Inert Mantle of Nightmares. This is also a necessary item for making epic gear.

WOW Classic SOD: Kill Nightmare Amalgamation

If you still want more to craft additional epic items, you can talk to Rix Xizzix in Booty Bay and purchase additional Inert Mantles of Nightmares for 10 gold each.

Anyway, that’s everything you need to know about the new Epic Crafted Gear quest chain. Follow this guide and you’ll be able to unlock your epic gear as quickly as possible and have a better gaming experience!


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