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WOW Classic SOD: A Comprehensive Overview Of The New PvE Event In Phase 3 - Nightmare Incursions

Posted: Apr 08, 2024

There are a lot of changes and new arrivals in WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3. For open-world PvP enthusiasts, updated rewards have been introduced to enhance the Blood Moon event. However, for those leaning towards PvE content, a new endgame mode called Nightmare Incursions can now be explored.

WOW Classic SOD: A Comprehensive Overview Of The New PvE Event In Phase 3 - Nightmare Incursions

Introduction To The New PvE Event

The Nightmare Incursions are a new form of open-world activity found in every zone which holds its Emerald Portal. Currently, these incursions are active in 4 following zones: Duskwood, Ashenvale, Feralas, and Hinterlands. Duskwood is intended for players of Level 25 and above, while Ashenvale is for Level 40 players. Hinterland and Feralas are designed for Level 50 endgame progression.

The basic gameplay of Nightmare Incursions is for you to obtain randomized quest objectives from your field captain and then to complete these objectives inside of incursions to earn additional rewards.

Prepare For Consumables

Before diving into this event, make sure to visit the Quartermaster found near your Field Captain. They will have a lot of useful items and consumables on them, such as potions for healing, water for mana, and even food for health regen.

Also, use that sleeping bag that you probably obtained within Phase 2 to get a nice boost for your experience gains. Once inside an incursion, you will find yourself in an alternate version of the same zone you just entered.

How To Do This Event?

Upon entering the area, you'll receive a starter quest called Recover Incursion Field Report. This quest involves killing non-elite demons outside of the portals. While this quest is repeatable and solvable, it only grants 10 reputation, making it inefficient for reputation grinding. However, it provides the Mission Brief item, which is crucial for the subsequent gameplay loop.

The Mission Brief is an envelope containing 2 items: one to start a quest and the other to share that quest. The quest provided is random among 18 brand new elite quests per area, all located inside the Emerald Nightmare version of the zone. These elite quests vary widely, from slaying creatures or gathering resources to defeating bosses or completing escort quests.

WOW Classic SOD Nightmare Incursions

Unlike the traditional method of sharing quests via the quest log, you use the Mission Brief item, which lasts for 1 hour and has 4 charges. This approach prevents potential exploitation of quest sharing, ensuring balanced gameplay.

It's recommended to tackle Nightmare Incursions in groups of 3 to 5 players. Gather together and share the quests obtained from the Mission Brief. This collaboration enables efficient completion of elite quests, maximizing rewards. Each loop typically involves completing around 3 out of the 5 elite quests available. Upon finishing these quests, players will receive XP, reputation, WoW SOD Gold, and another Mission Brief envelope.

Event Rewards

The rewards for Nightmare Incursions are truly fantastic, making the endeavor well worthwhile. Even at the endgame, participating in this activity is rewarding. Achieving Friendly status with the Emerald Wardens unlocks access to new class runes alongside Level 20 and 30 trinkets. These trinkets offer various benefits, such as health regeneration or damage and healing bonuses upon defeating enemies.

As you progress from Friendly to Honored, you’ll notice the availability of class sets tailored to different armor types, reminiscent of the WoW Classic aesthetics, complete with set bonuses. This progression begins at Friendly and culminates in Honored, providing a Level 50 class set. Revered status yields fewer rewards, primarily offering a random Druid weapon and some chest pieces.

However, reaching the Exalted status brings forth epic trinkets and a ring, further enhancing the array of rewards available. While weapons may not be among the rewards, the inclusion of rings, trinkets, and class sets ensures there’s plenty of valuable gear to acquire through Nightmare Incursions.


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