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WOW Classic SOD: Optimal Method To Unlock Class Runes Through The Wild Gods Questline

Posted: Apr 10, 2024

Similar to the Dark Rider questline featured in Phase 2 of WoW Classic, in the Season of Discovery Phase 3, players will encounter a new questline designed to unlock runes specific to each class within the game. This noteworthy quest series goes by the name of the Wild Gods.

WOW Classic SOD: Optimal Method To Unlock Class Runes Through The Wild Gods Questline

This questline unlocks Lock and Load for Hunters, Advanced Warding for Mages, Divine Aegis for Priests, Improved Frenzied Regeneration for Druids, Improved Sanctuary for Paladins, Combat Potency for Rogues, Unstable Affliction for Warlocks, Sword and Board for Warriors, and Riptide for Shamans.

Start The Questline

To start this questline, you’ll need to head to the Emerald Sanctuary at the south end of Felwood, locate the Shadowtooth Emissary, and accept the quest called the Wild Gods. Next, you’ll need to head to the Hinterlands to farm the elites in Jintha'alor, located in the southeast section of the map.

Kill these elites until you get the Wildwhisper Draught. Note that only one player in the group needs to get one of these, so you do not need to collect multiple if you’re doing this as a group. By obtaining WoW SOD Gold, you can expedite the completion of this quest.

Head To Razorfen Downs

Next, you will need to head to Razorfen Downs, located at the south end of the Barrens. Here, you will need to complete the dungeon, killing the final boss and then drinking the Wildwhisper Draught. Once you’ve consumed the drought, the Spirit of Agamaggan will appear. Turn in your quest, accept the second part and the item called Agamaggan’s Roar.

Now, we are on to the last part of this quest. You need to gather 3 Wild Offerings by slaying a special enemy in either Zul’Farrak, Maraudon, or Blackrock Depths. You do not need to complete all 3 dungeons. you can simply choose one and run it three times to get your second and third Wild Offerings. I recommend you choose to run Zul'Farrak 3 times.

WOW Classic SOD Zul'Farrak

Zul’Farrak Boss Fight

In order to get these special enemies to appear so that you can slay them, you must first kill 3 bosses within the dungeon. We tested this out by killing a few different combinations of bosses, and every time, it was the third boss that caused the spider to spawn. The spider will always spawn in the same location that is near the Gahz'rilla.

To do this as quickly as possible, here is what we found to be the best path for doing this: enter the dungeon as you normally would and hug left at the first intersection, skipping as many mobs as you can. Squeeze behind the wall and scurry over the hill towards Gahz'rilla's room.

Loot The Wild Offering

Make your way towards the big main event room with the staircase where the sacrifice is happening. Complete the staircase event, but do not attack the Goblin. Proceed up that passage and kill Chief Ukorz Sandscalp. That counts as 3 boss kills, so the spider should now be spawned back in Gahz'rilla's room.

If you make your way back there, you’ll find that the spider is patrolling towards his room from the direction you entered. He will patrol in a circle around the pool, so just wait for him to get in an excellent position where you’ve got a nice clear space. Use your Agamaggan’s Roar and kill the spider to loot your Wild Offering.

Once you have collected all 3 Wild Offerings, head back to Felwood, turn in your quest, and you’ll receive an item called Hyjal's Wisdom. Use the item, and you’ll now have your new rune.


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