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WOW Classic SOD: My Best Last-Minute Prep Tips For Phase 2

Posted: Feb 01, 2024

Let's delve into the most efficient and rapid prep for WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2. 

WOW Classic SOD: My Best Last-Minute Prep Tips For Phase 2

The Importance Of Phase 2 Preparation

Firstly, let's emphasize the importance of Phase 2 prep. 

While Phase 2 is approaching, there is still ample time for last-minute preparations. With proper planning, you can streamline tasks that would otherwise be necessary in Phase 2, such as leveling alts from 1 to 25 or securing flight paths. Engaging in Phase 2 Pre-BiS farming is something you could already be doing.

Consider Phase 2 prep as an investment of time now to create flexibility later. The time you save can be dedicated to activities like battling for Arena Grand Master trinkets, participating in Arathi Basin, and clearing the new Gnomeregan Raid.

Acquiring Runes In Phase 2

However, Phase 2 prep can be overwhelming. To maximize efficiency within our time constraints, we need a clear plan for the shortest possible execution. Let's begin with actively leveling your character and obtaining runes. If your SoD Phase 2 characters haven't reached level 25, now is the time.

RFC and Stockades boosting become essential here. For less than 15 SOD Gold, you can swiftly boost a character from level 8 to 19 in just a few hours. This is crucial as it allows you to begin accumulating Rested XP at level 25 with the new patch while focusing on your main.

Simultaneously, seize the opportunity to swiftly collect all the remaining runes. Summoning services are now available for nearly every rune location, and acquiring any individual rune won't take more than a few minutes, with a few exceptions like Metamorphosis. Utilize the LFG Group Bulletin Board to promptly identify who is selling summons at each location.

On the addon front, use GatherMate 2 as you travel to locate chests swiftly, enabling you to collect Waylaid Supplies. Avoid the hassle of returning to all your alts in Phase 2 to build Waylaid Supply reputation.

WoW SoD Acquiring Runes In Phase 2

Preparation For Gearing In Phase 2

Discussing the necessity of revisiting and obtaining items for the upcoming phase, let's shift our focus to gear.

The quickest preparation you can undertake for Phase 2 involves bags. Acquire a Darkmoon Storage Box for just 5 to 6 gold by purchasing it from the vendor. Subsequently, secure 12-slot bags for your remaining slots. Currently, obtaining an additional 10 bag slots will require around 25 gold in total. If I manage to gather about 30 stacks of silk and some greens while leveling, I'll effortlessly cover the cost of the bags.

Another swift action you can take is utilizing 60 upgrades to progress on your Pre-BiS list at present. This will save you time compared to doing it when the phase officially launches. In my case, numerous Pre-BiS pieces are already accessible in BFD, and acquiring them now will result in substantial time savings in Phase 2.

Items such as the Rot of the Ancient Sleepwalker and the Invoker's Void Pearl trinket are improbable to have substitutes in Phase 2.

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Simultaneously, I'm already focused on specific items for Phase 2 Pre-BiS. Interestingly, obtaining items like the Dark Hooded Cape now, before others start farming them, can actually save you time. 

Alternatively, in my situation, PvP items like the Advisor's Ring (Legionnaire's Brand) are a priority. I'm not urging you to pursue Exalted Warsong immediately. Nevertheless, dedicating a few minutes to Ashenveil every few hours can yield some exceptionally good Pre-BiS gear.

WoW SoD Dark Hooded Cape

SoD Gold Preparation

In addition to preparing your reputation gear, you'll also need 45 WoW SoD Gold for your mount and training if you're Honored

Caution: This method will be bannable after February 8th. Avoid using it beyond this date.

One of the quickest ways to amass that gold is through GDKPs. While GDKPs can be a topic of debate, if you find yourself in need of some last-minute gold, it can be highly beneficial. Simply utilize your lockouts to generate 20 to 30 gold in about 45 minutes.

With fewer players currently pursuing gear, you can either secure numerous gear for yourself at favorable prices or acquire free gold.

Another avenue for earning gold is pre-questing. The advantage of pre-questing is that you'll receive some free gold from the early stages of the quest chains and save time by completing the quests before the phase officially begins.

Yet another reason to pre-quest is to obtain all the flight paths for Phase 2. Personally, I invested in the World Tour package for my alt, obtaining all the relevant flight paths for about 5 gold. This significantly saves time compared to gradually navigating to every flight path.

Necessary Items For Phase 2

Another swift preparation tip is that the materials in demand for Phase 2 are no secret.

By visiting your preferred profession site, like Wowhead or WoW Professions, you can pinpoint the specific items required to reach a skill level of 225.

Now that we've leveled up, farmed Pre-BiS gear, acquired gold, and have a substantial stack of quests ready to go. I hope you can experience WoW SoD Phase 2 more smoothly!


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