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WOW Classic SOD: A Simple Method For Making Gold Through Vendor Shuffles In Phase 2

Posted: Jan 31, 2024

In this guide, I want to give you a little run-through of the shuffles that I’m going to be looking out for in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2 and why I expect to find them. You can easily make gold with these shuffles selling to a vendor.

WOW Classic SOD: A Simple Method For Making Gold Through Vendor Shuffles In Phase 2

White Bandit Mask

I’m going to start with the one that everyone is talking about now, and that is the White Bandit Mask, which I don’t have the pattern for. This pattern will give you a BoE to disenchant, and it only costs 1 Bolt of Mageweave. It’s by far the cheapest crafted item to make at this level.

The pattern drops in Zul’Farrak, which is likely to be farmed heavily in Phase 2 with Mage and Paladin boosts and so on. So, while I anticipate it having good value, I don’t expect the price of the BoE to go above 15 WoW SOD Gold. That’s why I’m happy enough to wait. You can vendor it, disenchant it, or sell it at the auction house, depending on the cost.

The pattern vendors for 43 silver, so your Bleach costs about 25 copper, your Heavy Silk and Thread is 18 silver each, so your vendor break - even point is around 4 silver 80 copper per Mageweave Cloth. This means any Mageweave Cloth you buy below 3 silver 50 is profitable. So, I would try to stick around 3 silver 50 if you can, if you’re just vendoring them. But remember, the disenchant value will be higher. It’s a brilliant pattern.

Jungle Stew

Next up then is Jungle Stew. This one takes 175 cooking, and you can buy the recipe from the vendor, Nessa, in Stranglethorn Vale. It’s not a limited supply or anything. It takes 1 Tiger Meat, 1 Refreshing Spring Water, and 1 Shiny Red Apple. You can buy the Refreshing Spring Water from any innkeeper, and the Shiny Red Apple can come from Ironforge, Thunder Bluff, or Stranglethorn Vale.

Jungle Stew vendors for 6 silver. So, if you buy your Tiger Meat for under 5 silver, then you’re in profit. With so many people leveling through Stranglethorn Vale at once and increased activity thanks to the PvP event, I’d expect a lot of Tiger Meat being generated and sold below the vendor price.

WoW Classic SOD Jungle Stew

Now, over the first couple of days or weeks, you’re likely to want to focus on your leveling, exploring, raiding, and secrets. So, this kind of shuffle is right up your street because you’re selling to a vendor. There’s no rush to actually process the Tiger Meat.

So, when Phase 2 launches, just pop some gold on a Level 1 at the auction house and add Tiger Meat to your shopping list. Before you log on or off to start playing, just check the auction house, see what’s available, and get a nice little stockpile going. Then, the week after, while you’re cooking, make sure you’ve got the right number of apples and waters and just have a big crafting session, reaping all the profits in one go.


Last up then is going to be another cooking shuffle which doesn’t mention a lot in WoW Classic - Eggs. So, you are going to be buying Wrapped Eggs and popping them into a Curiously Tasty Omelette. For this one, you need 1 egg and 1 Hot Spice. Hot Spices are only 38 copper. The Omelette vendors for 1.5 silver, so you want to keep your cost under 1 silver. That means your maximum price is 62 copper, though you’ll want to be lower than that.

This is something you can stock up on and bulk craft at a time where you wouldn’t be playing. Just check that you have enough bag space, make sure you have the correct number of spices, and just do a massive craft. After that, you just vendor it, and you’re taking all your gold back. Wrapped Eggs are already below 70 copper on my server. Once everyone gets into Arathi Highlands, Stranglethorn Vale, and finishes off Wetlands, these eggs are going to be everywhere.

They have a mild use case for leveling cooking, but most people aren’t going to go out of their way to find this recipe. Otherwise, the recipe is the only way to use them. It only gives you 6 Stamina and 6 Spirit, so it’s not a food that’s going to be in demand either. With everyone using one copper to undercut, the price of these eggs is going to be on the floor in no time. The recipe itself is a quest reward in Wetlands for the Alliance, or you can purchase it from the Trade Goods Vendor in Stranglethorn Vale.


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