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WOW Classic SOD: How To Easily Gold With Iridescent Pearl Farming In BFD?

Posted: Dec 20, 2023

I will show you a quick and useful guide on the Iridescent Pearl gold farm in the Blackfathom Depths level-up raid in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. So please follow my steps and jump into that. To start with, all the resources I’m about to list respawn on a 30-minute timer since you last exit the dungeon. If you re-enter, you’re going to need to restart that 30-minute timer.

To enter the raid itself, you also do not need to be in a raid group. It seems like these level-up raids that are from converted dungeons will function similarly to how we could 10-man Upper Blackrock Spire back in classic. Now, you do want to make sure that the raid ID you’ve got from either your own raid run has killed the sixth boss in the raid. Once that boss is dead, none of the hostile trash mobs will be respawning, making the gold farm safer and easier for all classes.

WOW Classic SOD: How To Easily Gold With Iridescent Pearl Farming In BFD?

As for the pearls themselves, there seem to always be 10 Giant Clams to loot in the raid. There are two in the first pull. One is going to be in the corner, and then toward the way you need to go for the second pull. Then, across in the second pull, there seems to be another four, and there tends to be two per half. Then move on to the last pull, and there will be four in the last pull as well.

There are an extra two Giant Clams that can spawn in the forbidden pool area. That’s where you need the trinket to combat the Crushing Darkness damage. That’s what you get for doing the Epic profession upgrades for your items in that area. You also have a chance for a tin or silver or node. Also, there're loads of Stranglekelp, and obviously, these mining nodes exist as well. So if you had a double gatherer in here, you would be making SOD Gold.

Next let's talk about chests. First up, we’ve got a weapon crate that can spawn now and then, and so far, as far as I’ve experienced, at least it’s got nothing but vendor trash in it. It’s going to give you an extra 20 to maybe 50 silver. But in the raid itself, you will always get two chests. Some of these can be locked, but I’ve encountered more unlocked ones than locked ones so far. These can be obviously a great addition to gold per run if you get lucky. You can also turn the tangy clam meat into buff food. That’s not exactly going to make a huge bank, but with all the raids that are always going on and how easily accessible they are to buy on the auction house, you can still get a little bit of extra gold from the farm.

At Last, if your hearthstone is on cooldown, you can get back to the start of the raid with this logout skip I found. From the water, hop up at an angle onto the platform, but make sure you are on an invisible part that seems to have you hovering over the water. You’ll still need to face the dangers of your escape back out, but it is better than nothing.

Alternatively, you could log out anywhere in the instance and wait 30 minutes by playing an alt or doing something else. Then after the 30 minutes have passed, if you log back into that character, you’ll be teleported straight to the beginning of the raid, ready to go and do the farm again.


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