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WOW Classic Era: Is Now A Good Time To Play? - Mastery Season 2 & Official Hardcore

Posted: Apr 25, 2023

Today we’re going to discuss whether now is a good time to start playing WOW Classic Era Realms. We still have a lot to do in World of WarCraft right now.


With the potential release of new servers coming soon, and rumors of dedicated hardcore servers, even Mastery Season 2, and Dragonflight Patch 10.1 just around the corner, Wotlk’s Trial of the Crusader is also close at hand.

So, in this video, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why you might want to consider starting a new role, and why you might want to hold off for a while.

Is now a Good Time to Play Classic Era

Is It Too Late

We all know that leveling up in Vanilla WoW can take a long time, not to mention when you are new to this version of WoW, maybe you don’t even have a guide. Players typically need about 7 to 10 days of in-game playtime to reach max level.

So if you start a new character now, the fresh Official Hardcore and Mastery Season 2 opportunities will be unlocked until you reach level 60. However, I think there is still value in me launching a new character, even if you end up leaving it behind in the near future.

Enjoy The Leveling

Many people, myself included, simply enjoy the leveling process. Sometimes it can be a very relaxing, relaxed way to spend your time. You can hone levels while you watch movies or listen to audiobooks.

Even a new character feels like a new adventure, where you meet new people, join new guilds, and maybe even try out a new class for the first time. One of the benefits of rolling in Classic Era is that your character will always be there.

Official HC Servers Season of Mastery 2 Fresh Classic WoW Era

So if you’re only halfway through level 30 or 40, even if a year or two passes, your character will still be there waiting for you. And I think if we will end up with a brand new Classic Era server.

It is likely that after these servers are upgraded, we will have the opportunity to choose to continue using the brand new TBC, or the new Classic servers will be merged into the existing Classic Era cluster. This means that any characters you leave behind will end up being any new Classic Era characters you create.


But what about playing Hardcore now? Because we don’t know when the new Official Hardcore servers will be released, nor what they will look like. But now is a great time to play a new Hardcore character.

If you’re new to Hardcore, this is the perfect time to practice or try out different classes, learn which quests or areas are best avoided, and create a game plan for the official Hardcore release. Aside from the fact that Hardcore games are fun, I don’t think the patch we’re playing now, Hardcore addon, will perfectly match these new Hardcore servers.

So the experience you have now, it’s likely to remain unique, and I think the time is relatively limited, the whole Hardcore genre that’s going on right now, it won’t always be like that, it’s very popular, so you really don’t want to miss it.

Season of Mastery 2 Could Be Insane

Reasons To Not Play

Of course, there must be some players who choose not to play Classic Era. You probably don’t have time, as we have Wotlk’s Trial of the Crusader soon. Dragonflights patch 10.1 is coming soon, and these might wear you out.

If you are someone who easily gets annoyed by playing too many games in a short period, playing now is still not recommended. You can try again after a while.

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Final Thoughts

If you’ve always wanted to play Classic Era or Hardcore, but have been hesitant, I would recommend giving it a go even more quickly. Believe it will not let you down. But before the game starts, don’t forget to show up with WOW Classic Era Gold to get some suitable gear, which will make your adventure go more smoothly. Good luck.


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