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WoW Cataclysm Classic: What Changes Will The New Transmogrification System Bring?

Posted: May 11, 2024

One of the most enjoyable parts of Cataclysm expansion for World of Warcraft Classic is the introduction of the new transmogrification system. This allows the player’s armor and weapons to visually transform into any other armor or weapon style of the same type that the player has learned.

In WoW transmog, it’s nothing less than a complete change in how fancy or stylish or awkward your character looks.

It also provides an awesome solution to the age-old problem of new expansions being too corny, as you can trade in mismatched greens collected while leveling up for levels.

If you want to skip this visually awkward stage, then you need to know the main things about the Transmogrification System changes in WOW Cataclysm Classic. In addition, we have also prepared WOW Cataclysm Classic Gold for you, which allows you to trade more smoothly in the game. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

WoW Cataclysm Classic: What Changes Will The New Transmogrification System Bring?

To Gain Transmog Skins

Whenever you get a good rare piece of gear and intend to bind it to your character - which you do by equipping it, which also makes it untradeable - you gain that look. The same applies to all the devices you carry in your backpack and bank.

If it’s tied to you, it will also accurately calculate the amount of gear you have for almost any mission you’ve completed previously. As a bonus to you, this also includes those options you didn’t choose from these missions.

If you see a piece of loot drop, include it in the loot world scrolling window, in a player-created link, or on Auction House. If you hover over the window, you’ll see the text “You haven’t gotten this look yet” at the bottom of it because you don’t know about transmogrification yet. But it’s convenient because you can tell at a glance if you already have the transmog appearance.

If you want to review an appearance that’s already in your inventory, click Collections on Minibar (horse head or Shift-P by default) and select Appearance Tab. You can endlessly browse through the different armor parts above and see the transmogrification options available for each part.

You must have the ability to equip that armor or weapon type to be able to use the appearance, and if you want a transform weapon, it also needs to be of the same type. For example, Daggers can only transform into other daggers, and mailbox items can only transform into other mailbox slot appearances, not across items.

Adjust Your Gear

In order to match the appearance of the armor you are currently wearing with the rest of your armor, you need to access Transmogrifier. The locations of these useful ethereal NPCs are in Stormwind — Thaumaturge Vashreen, along the canal near Cathedral — and in Orgrimmar, where you’ll find the Warpweaver Dushar in Drag.

You can talk to Transmogrifier and click on the armor you want to change, and you’ll see a variety of different options. Click this option to see how your character will look, then press Apply to determine how you want your character to look.

Transmogrification consumes the player’s gold coins, and the amount will change according to the armor slot.

To remove a transmogged appearance, you can overwrite and replace it with another appearance, or hover your mouse over it in Transmogrifier window and click the small recursive arrow on that section in the upper right corner, then click Apply to make the changes.

This will make the player’s armor look as it did before they were “mogged”. Transmogrification lasts for a long time before being overwritten. If you don’t want to transmogrify, you can revert to its original appearance for free.

Classic transmogrification appearance helps you get started quickly.

Old tier sets (and their similar pieces for other classes of the same armor type) are the best source for transmog gorgeous looks. Now it’s time to get back to those old single-player classic raids and dungeons and find those great looks you’ve been missing.

Of particular note are pieces with beautifully animated effects that would work well in transmog. Such as Warlock level 6 helm wings from Archimonde in Hyjal Summit Helm Token, and Shaman level 10 shoulders and from Icecrown Citadel and spectral shoveltusks.

Transmogrification lets you legitimately access dungeons, raids, and stuff you already know, but unfortunately, you can’t transform Cataclysm Classic.

WoW Cataclysm Classic: Transmogrification Guide

Here are some other great transmog ideas to help you roll in Cataclysm Classic:

If you love role-playing, now’s your chance to channel your inner lumberjack with Red Lumberjack Shirt (green-quality shirts can be transmogrified, but they’re just a transmogrification item), paired with a nice low-level Burning Crusade Zones Reaver’s Sickle and other axes.

What do you think of farmers wearing overalls and shovels? Crafted items can also be transmogrified, as long as they are green quality or better than green quality.

If you want a more revealing outfit, consider Robes of Guardian Saint dress from Fankriss in Ahn’qiraj or Black Mageweave Leggings for cloth wearers, or Barbaric Harness and Warbear Woolies.

Mail wearers, check out Blood Knight set. Plate wearers may also want Jade Plate or Glorious sets.

Although you complete the mission in a green environment, you can now possess a number of iconic weapons. Think of Hanzo sword (or other color variants) as a rogue’s classic Katana Sword look, or the quest reward Argent Avenger as your own lightsaber.

You can show off your quest achievements in vanilla by transmogging a Benediction (or Anathema!) staff for a priest, a Rhok’delar bow for a hunter, or a Quel’Serrar for a warrior.

Through the major upgrade of the transformed appearance of the classic game, old players can have a new interest in the game, and it can also attract new players to join, making this classic game popular again.


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