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Throne And Liberty: Methods On How To Travel And Move At A Swift Speed

Posted: Dec 22, 2023

I’d like to talk with you about fast movement in Throne on Liberty and more. We often rely on swift movement to swiftly reach various places on the map for events, PVP battles, or territorial clashes. Unfortunately, not all games offer ways to traverse the in-game world rapidly, but Throne on Liberty isn’t like those other games.

On the map, you can find teleportation stones that become usable after activation. I highly recommend visiting each of these stones as soon as possible to broaden your possibilities for swift movement. At regrouping, activation of these stones isn’t too challenging, even at a lower level, but I suggest doing so after reaching level 30. You’ll stand a chance against a level 50 monster if you’re attacked in any of these closed territories.

Once you’ve unlocked all the stones, you’ll notice that some are free to use, while teleporting to others is quite expensive. Hence, I strongly advice paying attention to the teleportation cost and trying to use the paid stones sparingly. You’ll need a lot of solent, and earning these might take even longer. Or you can purchase some Throne and Liberty Lucent to help you in this game.

Throne And Liberty: Methods On How To Travel And Move At A Swift Speed

Free teleportation stones often reside in places with elevations accessible by transforming into a flying creature, enabling you to cover significant distances effortlessly. I'll demonstrate this using an example from one of the lower-level locations where you can use heights to reach three event venues—one being a boss fight without extra waste of Sollant.

You can fly to the Stardust Collection event, slay goblins participating in the event, gather cotton from birds, and head to the Spider Forest where the Marokay boss appears. At the game’s start, I mainly used paid teleportation, but after level 30, I realized I couldn’t afford it and started using these heights for faster movement.

Remember that you can transform into a flying creature whenever it's convenient and height allows. Try to get used to this feature, as sometimes it can save your life—falls, even from small heights in Throne And Liberty, can lead to death. Keep in mind that flying depletes your stamina outside cities or safe zones. Accelerating flight can quickly drain your stamina, significantly reducing your flight distance. I try not to use acceleration and take off in the air to cover as much distance as possible.

Another method of faster movement is the transformation into a wolf, panther, tiger, or similar animals, allowing you to run much faster on the ground. I always use this transformation as it greatly helps in Swift movement. Also, if you’re in combat, your stamina will be consumed. Once it’s depleted, you won’t be able to transform until your stamina recovers. This transformation is the most commonly used, and I believe you’ll quickly adopt it because of its usefulness.

The last method of movement, not the fastest but the most beautiful and intriguing, is riding a large kite occasionally appearing in the world of Throne And Liberty. You can hop on it if you manage to get there in time. Additionally, you'll have to complete several tasks on this kite.


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