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Throne And Liberty: How To Master Your Dagger Weapon?

Posted: Dec 20, 2023

In this guide, we will learn about Dagger in Throne and Liberty. The dagger is characterized by using poison, stealth, and instant movement skills to fight, causing extra damage to the target. We have a key set of skills that allows us to assassinate our enemies in a short amount of time.

Dagger aims for quick strikes and hard hits. Dual-wielding players can hide and emerge from the shadows, dealing with instant burst damage. We primarily focused this weapon on dealing single target damage in the form of bursts and DOTs.

Throne And Liberty: How To Master Your Dagger Weapon?

Daggers Active Skills

Active skills in Throne and Liberty appear on your skill bar and can be cast to affect enemies and teammates. Currently, you have a total of 12 skill slots on your skill bar. If you have enough Throne and Liberty Lucent budget, you can choose between the active skills of both weapons to fill your 12 slots!

Dagger’s active skills focus on causing rapid damage to a single target through DOT, Burst Sigil, and high-mobility interaction. Below is a list of all the active abilities of the dagger.

Ambush Stance is a skill that uses stamina to defend against enemy attacks. When you block a rage attack, you are hidden for a period and cannot be targeted by enemies.

Turn to Poison Dagger skill. When using Poison Dagger skill, it will cause damage to targets within the range and add a poisonous effect.

Predatory Strike is a skill that deals with damage to a single target. Targets damaged by Curse, Burning, or Poison you apply take increased damage.

Shadow Strike is a skill that teleports to the other side of a target and deals powerful damage. This is the basic skill of the dagger, which can attack the target from a long distance.

Inject Venom is a skill that adds a poison effect to all attacks when used. Poison stacks and has special effects that cause damage over time and stop the target’s health regeneration.

Brutal Incision is a skill that causes a powerful attack on the target. If the target’s remaining health falls below a certain level, critical hit damage is significantly increased.

Knife Throwing is a skill that throws multiple Daggers in a specific direction. You can even use it remotely. Each Dagger has a certain chance of reducing the target’s movement speed after causing damage.

Ankle Slash is a skill that causes damage by stopping and attacking the target when using the skill. If the target is unconscious or asleep, there is a chance of causing it to fall.

Camouflage Cloak is a skill that allows you to remain hidden for a period so that enemies cannot target you. In stealth mode, the first attack is a critical hit, and it canceled stealth when attacking or transforming.

Black Wind Spirit is a skill that attacks all enemies within range. It also deals 2 additional attacks against targets you poison.

Fatal Stigma is a skill that deals a lot of damage after a certain amount of time. The additional damage increases based on the number of poison stacks on your poisoned target.

Frenzied Sword Dance is a skill that can attack the target up to 7 times in a row. If there are other enemies around the attack target, it will attack randomly.

Throne and Liberty: Daggers Dynamic Gameplay

Recommended Weapon Combinations

Finally, I will introduce two weapon combinations that are very suitable for Dagger.


Greatsword is an excellent melee companion for Dagger. Both weapons share a common trend of providing mobility, hard crowd control, and burst damage.

Both weapons can restrain players for several seconds at a time, suppressing enemies using skills like Stunning Blow or Shadow Strike. Fortunately, Greatsword and Dagger’s passive skills also work well together, providing players with critical damage and higher maximum health.


In TL, Crossbow and Dagger are complementary. For example, we can activate both weapons with Off-Hand Weapon Chance to deal with more damage.

However, another major factor is the unparalleled maneuverability Crossbow offers in a setup. Both weapons rely on short range for success, making this combo an assassin’s dream!

TL also has a variety of weapons to choose from, so enjoy your adventure with your own combination of weapons!


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