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Throne And Liberty: Magic Wand Weapon Guide - Skills & Gameplay Instructions

Posted: Dec 07, 2023

In this guide, we will learn about Magic Wand class. Magic Wand has various curse skills. Not only does it have healing skills that weaken enemies and strengthen allies, but it also has combat skills that increase defense.

Skill Explanation

Chaos Shield is a stamina-draining skill used to defend against enemy attacks. When it blocks a rage attack, Touch of Despair effect will affect the target, reducing the remaining cooldown of the curse skill. In addition, if you block a rage attack within a certain period, it will restore the health of the surrounding team members.

Touch of Despair is a skill that applies a curse, causing continuous damage for a certain period. Curse deals with constant damage proportional to stack size and does not awaken sleeping targets.

Throne And Liberty: Magic Wand Weapon Guide - Skills & Gameplay Instructions

We use Curse Blast on a target that has a curse placed on it. This is a skill that activates special effects. If the target takes sustained damage, such as Cursed Fire or Poisoning, the damage is immediately replaced and all stacked damage effects are removed.

Fast Heal is a skill that restores the health of a friendly target. The amount of healing is proportional to the base damage. Therefore, it is crucial to invest more Throne and Liberty Lucent to increase your own damage.

Distortion Magic Circle will create an area at the designated casting location and apply a curse, causing continuous damage to all enemies in the area.

Nightmare Bog has a chance to reduce movement speed and attack speed. It puts you to sleep. If you attack a sleeping target, a critical hit occurs, and it canceled sleep.

Clay’s Salvation is a skill that restores the health of all team members within a certain period. This is Magic Wand’s crucial skill, which heals all party members at once.

Time of Punishment is a skill that imparts a curse. This curse will reduce the damage resistance of this skill with a certain probability. If you are cursed, your attacks against allies will be more lethal. It may work.

Barrier of Grace is a skill that generates additional effects over time. When used, it will significantly enhance scent, increasing the amount of skill healing received during the day. At night, its stamina increases and its effect triples for a short time after activation.

Blurring of Bad Relationships has the potential to remove curses you have placed. This is a skill that spreads to nearby targets, and the curse placed on the target can be spread up to 3 times.

Ray of Disaster can choose a direction and continuously attack all enemies within the range. Even if you attack a sleeping enemy, it will not wake up and the skill ends when you move.

Active skills are skills that are always available, even if not used individually, as long as it registered them in a quick slot. So Magic Wand is sure to have an effect that suits your fighting style.

Throne And Liberty: Magic Wand Weapons Showcased With New Combat Style!

Weapon Combinations & Gameplay

Finally, I would like to introduce to you two weapon combinations compatible with Magic Wand. Use Magic Wand’s Hour of Retribution to reduce skill damage resistance, then apply Nightmare Bog Sleep. You can also spread Demonic Smoke to nearby targets and suppress them with Hellfire Meteorites and Heat Wave in one go.

There’s also Magic Wand and Crossbow combo: Hour of Retribution reduces skill damage resistance, and Nightmare Bog reduces movement speed and sleep. The target releases Wind Stealer and Mortal Mark before falling asleep to gain additional effects, and uses Calamity Beam to damage sleeping enemies.

TL also has a variety of weapons. Enjoy your adventure with your own combination of weapons!


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