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Throne And Liberty: How Can You Get A Head Start In TL? - 15 Tips & Tricks

Posted: Dec 07, 2023

In this guide, I want to give you a list of tips that I have acquired to help you play TL.

Throne And Liberty: How Can You Get A Head Start In TL? - 15 Tips & Tricks

Tip 1: Dailies

Number one is dailies. There are not quests in TL in the traditional sense, so there are not daily quests. But there are daily rewards you get for playing the game.

To see the full list of dailies available, check the Battle Pass, which breaks down tasks into daily and weekly categories.

Also, there are some vendors that sell a limited supply of materials daily, most notably the Guild Merchant and the Contract Coin Merchant. Therefore, you’d better prepare enough Throne and Liberty Lucent.

The Contract Coin Merchant sells:

  • Mystic Keys, which you will always want to have a good supply of for collecting Mystic Globes in the world
  • Growth Stones, which are always needed to upgrade your gear
  • A few Amitois

Most things sold by the Contract Coin Merchant are limited to a certain amount per day, so each day make sure to buy anything you need.

The Guild Merchant has a limited daily supply of the higher tier Health Potions and the only major source of Mana Regen Potions, which you will need. Make sure to stock up on these daily as well.

Throne And Liberty Contract Coin Merchant

Tip 2: Watch Inventory Weight

The second tip is to watch your inventory weight.

Getting above 100% weight in your inventory comes with a big penalty that you might not notice at first, and that is you take a 50% reduction in both mana and health regen. And this penalty gets worse at 100% of max weight and 200% of max weight.

Tip 3: XP Debt Restoration

The third tip is XP Debt Restoration.

Every time you die, you take XP Debt. You get 3 free Restorations per day. The rest will cost either Sollant or Restoration Coins. You can cue multiple XP Debts to recover from at once as well.

Tip 4: Stellarite

Stellarite is a consumable that is fairly rare but does boost your damage a good amount.

Save this resource for major objectives and not just for regular contract farming.

Tip 5: Guild Merchant Rare Weapons

There are rare weapon crafting lithographs that you can buy from the Guild Merchant.

These have to be crafted at a special crafter that wanders between Vienta Village and the Sanctuary Excavation Site.

Throne and Liberty Guild Merchant Rare Weapons

Tip 6: Craft 4 Uncommons To Unlock Rare Recipe

There is a rare set of gear that can be crafted by first crafting 4 pieces of uncommon gear and turning them in to the equipment Lithograph Book to get the corresponding rare Lithograph for each piece.

This is not as good as the other rares, but they are easier to obtain.

Tip 7: Amitoi And Morph Upgrading

There is an Amitoi collection lithograph in the ‘Amitoi’ menu and a transformation lithograph in the ‘Morph’ menu.

This is where you collect new Amitois and Morphs, which upgrade their power.

Tip 8: Dissolve For Magic Dust

Dissolving an TL Item will return roughly half the materials it took to craft it.

Dissolving is a good way to get magic dust if you are short on magic dust. You can even buy uncommon gear from the gear vendor to get the lowest tier magic dust and then you can upgrade that magic dust to higher tiers as needed.

Tip 9: Weather On Map

Weather is region based in TL and can be seen on the map.

For example, the Laslan region contains 10 zones and each shares the same weather. Hover over the weather indicator on the map to see the current weather.

Weather can have major effects on your combat, gliding, and other things. For example, the staff gets a lot more AOE potential in the rain. Some gliding objectives for the Adventure codex require the wind to be out of a certain direction.

Tip 10: Day And Night Timer

Similarly, day and night can also affect combat, dungeon availability, and your ability to complete objectives in the codex. Day lasts for 3 hours and night lasts 1 hour.

The indicator on the mini map tells you how much time is left in the day. If the dot is at the top, there are 3 hours left; on the right, 2 hours; and at the bottom, 1 hour.

Tip 11: Gigantrithe (Flying Whale)

Gigantrithe spawns every 3 hours and provides buff for everyone while active.

There is 1 Island Zone that you can only reach via this flying whale, and there are probably more areas that you’ll be able to reach in the future.

Outside of that, it is not useful for anything else currently, although there is a gathering node on it that requires special materials to gather.

Throne And Liberty Gigantrithe

Tip 12: Block During Boss Fights

Are you struggling with open world boss fights? Remember to block.

Each boss has at least one big wind-up attack that needs to be blocked. There are also some mechanics that can be dodged by jumping or going into water to clear debuffs.

Tip 13: Guild Distribution Tab After Killing A Boss

After killing a boss, be sure to go to the Distribution tab of your guild to see your rewards and claim them.

Tip 14: Help Icon

If you want to see what a material does or where to acquire it, there is a description icon you can click that shows this information.

Tip 15: Auto Use Consumables By Right Clicking

You can set some food buffs and potions to auto use by right clicking them. They do not have to be in your quick slot to do this.


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