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Throne And Liberty: How To Master Longbow Weapon? - Gameplay And Skill Explanations

Posted: Dec 08, 2023

In this guide, we’ll learn about Longbow. Longbow has a long range and strong binding ability. It also features solid combat, using buff skills shared with party members. The most important thing is that it can also play a one-sided offense, especially using the height difference of the body shape.

Skill Explanation

Next, let’s take a look at all of Longbow’s skills and explain how to use them to maximum effect in actual situations!

Throne And Liberty: How To Master Longbow Weapon? - Gameplay And Skill Explanations

Opportunity to Reversal is a skill that consumes stamina to defend against enemy attacks. It significantly increases critical hit when we use it to block a rage attack and switch to Punishment Shot skill. But don’t forget to prepare some Throne and Liberty Lucent to buy potions to replenish stamina.

If used correctly, Punishment Shot will cause an attack proportional to the target’s distance. When using the direction keys, the position moves and has a certain attack probability on the target.

Wind Show is an attack skill that deals with increased damage as you move away from the target. You can deal with more powerful damage by maximizing Longbow’s long-range attack range.

Binding Arrow is a skill that can bind a target from a distance. This is an important Longbow skill that can block enemies from approaching or prevent enemies from escaping.

Repentance Sniper is an attack that uses skills to deliver a powerful blow. It increases critical damage as the target’s remaining health increases.

Continuous Bombardment is a skill that continuously attacks a single target. If more than 2 critical hits occur in one attack, the skill can be used again.

Nature’s Grace creates a circular area around you and is a skill in that area that increases the vitality regeneration of party members, including you. But you must be close to the caster to get the effect.

Fierce Arrow is a skill that identifies an area and attacks all enemies within that area. It deals more damage to enemies closer to the center of the area.

Mark of the Abyss is a skill that grants you a special effect when you identify a target and attack that target. When attacking a designated target, your critical strike chance and accuracy will increase, as will your teammates’ accuracy. In addition, when you and your teammates’ attacks reach a critical hit, all skills will have a special effect that reduces the cooldown.

Purification Touch is a skill that removes 1 status ailment applied to a specific target. If there are multiple status exceptions, it canceled them in a specific order. After releasing, your attack speed increases for a short time.

Whirlpool Arrow is a skill that fires an arrow in a specific direction. It deals maximum damage to the first enemy targeted and creates an area around it that slows down its movement speed. After a period, it will attract targets in the area to the center of the area with a certain probability.

Quick Attack is a special skill that resets the cooldown of the last skill used. This applies even if you use a different weapon skill and use Quick Attack. This is really helpful!

Active skill is a skill that is always applied, even if it is not used alone, as long as we register it in the quick slot. Longbow has effects tailored to your fighting style.

Throne and Liberty: Longbow Combat Showcase

Weapon Combination

Finally, I would like to introduce to you two weapon combinations compatible with Longbow. Longbow’s Mark of the Abyss and Crossbow’s Mark of Mortality increase the damage dealt to the target. Activate Storm Spike to create additional projectiles, then attack weakened enemies with high attack speed and suppress enemies from a distance.

Also, increase the damage done by Longbow’s Mark of the Abyss and poison the attack with Poison Injection. Once restrained, combine Shadow attack, Ankle Kick and insane Sword Dance with Quick Conflict and you can instantly defeat the enemy by resetting the cooldown.

There are also various weapons in Throne and Liberty. You are free to use your own combination of weapons to enjoy your adventure.


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