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Throne And Liberty: Everything You Need To Know To Develop Your Character Early In The Game! - Codex, Requests & Local Events

Posted: Dec 06, 2023

In order to become a strong Raslan operator, you must prepare yourself as soon as possible. In this guide, I’ll focus on guiding you through the information you need in the early stages of character development.

To get started, create a character and complete the initial tutorial. As you progress, you’ll see purple quests appear on the right side of the screen. This is the primary mission of Adventure Codex. After completing Adventure Codex, you will gain experience points and high-level items, and even some Reinforcement materials are available. So don’t miss it.

As you continue to complete Adventure Codex, you will reach Castleler Village. Once you arrive at Castleler Village, pressing this icon on the right side of the screen will bring up a notification window for the content you use most.

We recommend you use it often, as you can see the main content of TL at a glance. Among them, purple is Adventure Codex, light blue is Exploration Codex, yellow is Resistance Group Request, and light green is Guild Request. Let’s inspect each one.

Throne And Liberty: Everything You Need To Know To Develop Your Character Early In The Game! - Codex, Requests & Local Events


Adventure Codex is a mission that contains the major story of TL and should be your priority. As you progress, you can discover new areas and acquire items you need to grow. Click Codex at the top of the menu, then click Adventure tab again to view the progress of the various Adventure Codex.

Adventure Codex

They divided Adventure Codex into several actions. When you complete a stage, press this button to claim the last reward. In some cases, you can choose the ultimate reward you want.

There is an extra Codex left in the middle of Adventure Codex. Even if you don’t complete this additional codex, you’ll still receive the last reward for the move. However, it is recommended to do so if possible, as it often provides additional Throne and Liberty Lucent bonuses.

Throne and Liberty: Adventure Codex

Exploration Codex

Next is Exploration Codex, which you can complete by opening Teleportation Stone or Dungeon in Hunting Field.

Exploration Codex is a system that allows you to solve problems in a certain field and receive rewards. After completing all Exploration Codex in a certain area, you can also click here to receive the ultimate reward.

Collection Codex

Finally, you can see Collection Codex. Collection Codex will not appear in content notifications. As you venture through the realms, you may encounter Shining Documents around every corner. Collect them by pressing the interact key to get cosmetic coins that can be used to purchase cosmetics.


Next is the request. If you visit the village quest manager, you can complete quests and receive various rewards. However, only those with level 11 or above can accept requests.

Resistance Group Request

Resistance Group Request is first unlocked in Act 3 of Adventure Codex. If you don’t see the quest list, check the level and quest codex first. Depending on the level, up to 4-5 requests can be made at one time.

Meanwhile, it accepts multiple requests for the same monster. Since one monster is available for all tasks, you can complete requests faster and more efficiently.

Claim Contract rights are consumed every time you accept a claim, but will be recharged regularly. However, if the number of Contract rights you apply for exceeds the maximum number, no fee will be charged. You can also withdraw an accepted request, but in this case you will not receive a refund of your Contract rights. So please review the rewards and content carefully before accepting the mission.

Guild Request

Guild Request is a request that guild members can complete together. We can find Guild Request on the guild menu. Only guild leaders or staff officers can accept or modify requests.

Since there are so many monsters to catch, we have to join forces with the guild members. When a guild makes a claim, even if some guild members take part and win, all guild members can receive rewards. So it’s a good idea to join a guild from the start!

Throne and Liberty: Local and Regional Events Preview!

Local Events

Finally, there are Local Events. Local Events are competitive content where you compete for ranking by hunting monsters or collecting items in the open world.

Since the strategies for collecting items are different in each region, if used well, it can create huge TL Lucent returns.

After completing Chronicle, the area events shown below will become active. Click the calendar button on the map to see when and where local events are happening.

It sorts local events by contribution. This means that the higher your level, the more rewards you can earn. It divided regional activities into Peace area and Conflict area. Battles between users are not possible in Peace area, but battles between users are possible in Conflict area. It’s worth noting that the first zone activity to be unlocked is Peace zone, so be sure to give it a try.

They also have local events for the guild. If you’re competing for rankings on a guild basis, you can have a unique experience than attending an event alone.

That’s all you need to know about Codex, Requests and Local Events in the early days of Throne And Liberty. Hopefully, this guide will help your character become more powerful early in the game!


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