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The Free Weekend Is Live Now In New World

Posted: Dec 16, 2022

Posted: Dec 16, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Just now, Amazon Games announced an exciting news. That is, starting today, New World is free to play on Steam and this benefit can continue until December 19th. Beyond that, all editions of New World are also on sale at a 50% discount through January 5th 2023.

New World is an MMORPG released by Amazon Games in September 2021. In New World, players can gather resources and vie for control of uncharted lands on the fictional island of Aeternum. This game can be said to have experienced ups and downs. Players are looking forward to it before the release of New World. But after launch, New World's popularity waned considerably in late 2021 due to poor launch execution and a plethora of bugs and balance issues.

Fortunately, however, Amazon Games has been listening carefully to player feedback and has made many major updates to New World. Therefore, the popularity of this game has risen again recently. This time, Amazon launched this free weekend event to encourage players to purchase this game on Steam. If you finally decide to give New World a try, you can download and play the game now until December 19th. Just be aware that if you want to continue playing New World after the event, you'll need to purchase the game.

Mastiff House Pet

Just today, New World also announced its latest edition, the Azoth Edition, which includes a number of additional bonuses and cosmetics, also included in the latest sale. So, from now until January 5, 2023, New World's Standard , Deluxe, and Azoth Editions are all 50% off on Steam and Amazon. That means the Standard and Deluxe versions, which originally cost $39.99 and $49.99, are now $19.99 and $24.99, respectively. If you purchase the Deluxe Edition of New World, you will be able to enjoy the Digital Art Book, the Woodsman Apparel Skin, Woodsman Hatchet Skin, and Rock/Paper/Scissors Emote Set. When you unlock the player housing at Level 15, you also get the Mastiff House Pet.

As for the Azoth Edition I just mentioned is a new package released today. Its original list price was $89.99. Now if you purchase this edition during the event period, you only need to pay $44.99. Here's what's new in this release:

  • Scorching Sand Apparel Skin

  • Wicked Ways Weapon Set

  • Blunderbuss of Brimstone Weapon Skin

  • Sarcophagus Housing Item

  • Aegyptus and Card Suit Crest Packs

  • Desert Vanguard Title

  • Chest Pound Emote

  • A number of additional skins, housing items, cosmetics, decoration items, emotes, and several colored dyes for Smoldering Scarlet clothing and armor

Although New World was full of controversy when it was first released, after timely adjustments, the current number of online players of this game can reach tens of thousands every day. Additionally, while New World's overall Steam reviews remain mixed, recent reviews have been much more positive, suggesting that the developer may have addressed some of the issues it had at launch.

If you are a novice player of New World, it is recommended that you prepare more New World Coins before officially experiencing the game. In this way, you can quickly upgrade, fight monsters, and get excellent weapons and armors.


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