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News Tag: SOD Phase 2 Priest Runes

  • WOW Classic SOD: Simple Methods To Obtain All 6 New Priest Runes During Phase 2

    Posted: Mar 08, 2024

    Greetings, fellow gamers! Are you still looking for the new Priest runes in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2? Here, let me guide you in acquiring all the incredible new Phase 2 Priest runes. Dive into the complete information provided in this comprehensive guide!

    Mind Spike

    To obtain this rune, begin by acquiring the 'Highway Robbery' quest in Desolace. You can find it at an extinguished campfire northwest of the Kodo Graveyard. Next, head towards Cormac’s Hut and turn in the Highway Robbery quest to Bibbly F'utzbuckle. He’ll then offer you the quest 'On the Lam'.

    Proceed to the inn in Booty Bay and hand in the 'On the Lamb' quest to Tokal. Then, take up the quest 'Cherry for Your Thoughts?'. Purchase Cherry Grog from Nixxrax Fillamug nearby and deliver it to complete the task. Tokal will then assign you the next part of your quest, 'No Honor Among Thieves'.

    In the Arathi Highlands, locate the rowboat positioned under the bridge between Arathi Highlands and the Wetlands. Interact with the rowboat to be transported to the eastern shore. Seek out Illari Duskfeather and engage her in conversation. Depending on your race, she may offer 2 dialogue options. Select one to initiate combat.

    Defeat Illari, pick up the Dropped Pouch, and retrieve Reliquary Key from it. Use the key to unlock Illari's Loot Cache, where you’ll find the jewel-encrusted box containing the coveted rune. Open the box to claim your prize.

    Of course, in order to speed up obtaining these runes, it is essential to prepare some WoW SOD Gold.

    Pain Suppression

    To obtain this rune, you must gather Echoes scattered across 4 zones. These Echoes can be found on graves in specific areas. In Scarlet Monastery Graveyard, locate an Echo about halfway down the grave area and to the left. In Arathi Highlands, search for an Echo on the Go’Shek Farm. In Dustwallow Marsh, head north of Theramore Isle to find an Echo. In Swamp of Sorrows, discover an Echo at the western part of the zone.

    Once you’ve collected all the Echoes, proceed to Scarlet Monastery Library wing and activate the Echoes at the correct statues in the following sequence:

    • Use the Swamp Echo on the Warrior statue.
    • Use the Arathi Echo on the Mage statue.
    • Use the Theramore Echo on the Paladin statue.
    • Use the Graveyard Echo on the Priest statue.

    If you’ve executed all steps correctly, a glowing sphere will manifest in the middle of the room. Loot the Memory of a Leader's Betrayal and utilize it to learn the Pain Suppression rune.

    Renewed Hope

    Defeat Nagas like the Slitherblade Warriors found along the northwestern shoreline of Desolace to obtain Unsettling Visions. Employ Mind Control on Slitherblade Tide Priestess to gain access to their Meditation buff. Finally, utilize the Unsettling Visions to acquire Renewed Hope rune.

    This rune can be acquired as a drop from locations such as Thousand Needles, where it is dropped by various Grimtotem mobs like the Grimtotem Reaver.

    Another place to obtain this rune is in Alterac Mountains, where it is dropped by Crushridge Ogres situated along the eastern edge of the snowy region of the zone.


    To acquire this rune, you’ll need a Rogue who has earned the Master of Subtlety rune and obtain Jani’s Charm. With Jani’s Charm, the rogue must pickpocket trolls in Stranglethorn Vale, resulting in a Mysterious Troll Scroll.

    Next, you’ll require a Mage equipped with a Comprehension Charm to decipher the Mysterious Troll Scroll into a Deciphered Troll Scroll.

    Proceed to the southern part of Stranglethorn Vale, specifically the Naga area and collect Holy Spring Water from the Holy Spring. Head towards the ruins of Gan’zulah in Stranglethorn Vale with 2 active Meditation buffs, close to Gan’zulah's spawning location. Utilize the Holy Spring Water next to the fountain behind Gan'zulah to make it interactable. Then, loot the fountain to obtain the rune.

    Empowered Renew

    • Thousand Needles: Obtain by vanquishing Grimtotem mobs like Grimtotem Stompers and Grimtotem Bandits found around the lake south of the Great Lift.
    • Alterac Mountains: Obtain by defeating Crushridge Ogres in the mountainous region situated between the Ruins of Alterac and Strahnbrad.

    Spirit Of The Redeemer

    Speak to the Dalaran Agent located in Ariden’s Camp in the eastern part of Deadwind Pass to receive Ariden's Sigil. Equip Ariden's Sigil (or accompany a player who has it equipped). Defeat all 7 Dark Riders found in the following locations and collect their relics. The Dark Presence buff will indicate when you are in the correct area. Utilize Ariden's Sigil to reveal the Dark Rider:

    • Deadwind Pass
    • Duskwood
    • Swamp of Sorrows
    • Arathi Highlands
    • The Barrens
    • Desolace
    • Badlands

    Return to the Dalaran Agent and hand in the 7 relics. In return, you will receive the Spirit of the Redeemer rune as a reward.

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