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News Tag: Lost Ark Wreck the Halls

  • Lost Ark Wreck The Halls Update Has Released Today

    Posted: Dec 14, 2022

    On December 14, Lost Ark officially released the Wreck the Halls update. In this update, you can experience a new raid, a new advanced class, and a new island for holiday celebrations. In addition to the new content above, this update further addresses the bot problem and introduces a new bracelet accessory, which brings some additional gearing mechanics to the game.

    Lost Ark has been particularly popular in Korea since 2009. Lost Ark became popular again with many Western gamers earlier this year, following Amazon Games' massive release via Steam. There are two main reasons why this game is so popular. First, the game is free to play. Second, because Lost Ark contains an addictive Diablo-style action-RPG combat and a huge MMORPG-style world, many players will say that the more they play, the more interesting they become. However, since Western players got to the game a few years later than Korean players, many of the updates in Lost Ark have been introduced to the Western version at a steady pace. This means that Western players cannot immediately access the current endgame.

    *This Wreck the Halls update is the same as the previous seasonal Lost Ark updates, adding some festive flare and standard content. One of the biggest highlights of this update is the new Summoner advanced class for Mages. This class can summon five different elemental spirits, and each elemental has its own unique ability. And the Summoner can switch summons at will to deal with different combat situations. Therefore, the advantage of this class lies in its high adaptability. In terms of festivals, the newly added Festivity Island will host various quests and events. When you complete these quests and activities, you will get various special items and ingredients for the Winter Festival Cake, a feast that can be shared at the stronghold.

    *In the Wreck the Halls update, you can also experience the newly introduced Legion Raids. This is an 8-player raid where you need to successfully break through 6 doors and complete the encounters within. In this raid, you can use easier versions of the exercises to learn the mechanics. If your item level reaches 1490, you can challenge the newly introduced Level 6 Guardian in the Caliligos Guardian Raid. Wait until your item level reaches 1520, and you can defeat the Phantom Legion Commander Brelshaza.

    *So, what are the rewards for this new raid? That is the bracelet accessory with its own slot. If you want to modify this accessory, you need to go to the major cities and find a Bracelet Specialist NPC for help. He can change the bonuses on acquired bracelets.

    *Lastly, this update also addresses Lost Ark's bot issues. Specifically, the developers of Lost Ark responded to the economic impact of robots. Now, if your account is untrusted by Lost Ark, you will be banned from participating in the Auction House, Market, Loot Auctions, Stronghold Gifting, and all player-to-player trading. Therefore, in recent months, you will find that it will be obvious that millions of bots are being banned one after another, and there will be waves of more bans to follow. If you want your account to be trusted, you can enable the Steam Guard mobile authenticator or you can make a purchase in Lost Ark.

    In general, new updates represent more new challenges. If you want to tackle challenges faster, it's a good choice to use Lost Ark Gold in advance to get excellent armors and weapons.

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