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News Tag: Genshin Impact AFK

  • Genshin Impact: How To Win While AFK?

    Posted: Mar 06, 2023

    HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact has a variety of unique challenges and a wealth of loot that players will find in the world of Teyvat. Also, some players have found a better way to kill a higher level boss while AFK

    Even though there are many methods in Genshin Impact that are not as simple as players doing Idle Clicker Games in Apple App Store and Google Play Store to win, many players will still research ways to win in it.

    A Reddit user Windowhihi shared in the community how he was able to take down a powerful boss with no combat damage output, and still maintain his own HP while reducing the health of the enemy. 

    At the same time, HoYoverse will continue to update Genshin Impact, fix and add some new content. In order to prevent some players from using system loopholes to use this AFK strategy in the future. 

    Many players have complained that the Genshin Impact Pyro character Dehya has been useless since joining Hoyoverse ARPG, and is unfriendly to novices. But now the players of this Reddit user told them how Dehya can be used better.

    Reddit user Windowhihi uploaded how to use their Dehya character and received over 8,400 likes from players. This how-to focuses on Genshin Impact’s Dehya’s skill usage, and strategies for killing weekly bosses with Dehya. 

    There is nothing special about the players fight with Azhdaha, so it is played 10 times faster. At this point, Dehya character is just standing still under protecting the air bubble. There is always a force around this field called Bell that protects Dehya from Azhdaha’s injuries

    This could also be Dehya’s exclusive passive skill as a Genshin Impact character. This is one reason few players still like to use Dehya.

    Windowhihi’s Dehya, as a Pyro character, had the misfortune of getting two heavy hits from Genshin Impact’s Azhdaha before his health regenerated. However, Dehya redirects the damage to nearby bosses, whose health drops rapidly afterward. 

    After several attacks by Azhdaha, Dehya, used by Windowhihi, was forced to the corner of the arena, but he still didn’t move to avoid the boss’s attack, just to prove the true effectiveness of the previous AFK strategy

    Windowhihi clicked like crazy on Genshin Impact Dehya, releasing skills nearly 100 times. Then Azhdaha’s health value dropped rapidly, and because Windowhihi adhered to AFK strategy and focused on using the exclusive passive skills of Pyro character, Azhdaha collapsed quickly, and the player successfully completed the task.

    Since they added Dehya to Genshin Impact roster, it has disappointed many players that his skills were mediocre and difficult to use. However, some players said that Dehya has great potential, and if used well, it can play a better role and help other players. 

    Even Windowhihi has proved to all players that Dehya can kill Genshin Impact’s weekly boss on her own with no player's help. But some players questioned how long it took them to win.

    All in all, if you want to try Dehya character and experience different exclusive skills, you can consider getting a suitable Genshin Impact Account to enrich your game experience. Come and try it out.

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