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News Tag: Elden Ring Volcano Manor

  • Elden Ring: Which Path Is The Most Convenient To Volcano Manor?

    Posted: May 27, 2024

    Elden Ring has a huge open world to explore, with tons of NPCs to talk to, tons of bosses to conquer, and secret areas to discover. A good example of this is Volcano Manor, a fiery place with some deadly enemies and unique NPCs. It is located deep in the center of Mount Gelmir, directly north of Liurnia as seen on Elden Ring map. Countless players want to reach this place to find out, but the route is too complicated.

    After the unremitting efforts of all players, we finally found four paths to Volcano Manor. Two of them are slightly easier methods, teleporting yourself directly to Mount Gelmir through others; the other two methods are to walk on the adjacent Altus Plateau until you arrive. Whichever way you prefer, we’ll explain it in the following guide.

    Before you start exploring, I want to remind you that you can strengthen your equipment by spending some Elden Ring Runes to reach Volcano Manor faster and have a better gaming experience.

    Path 1: Abductor Virgin Shortcut

    The fastest way to get to Volcano Manor is to enter Academy Of Raya Lucaria in the center of Liurnia. There is a huge water wheel near the Academy’s Schoolhouse Classroom Site Of Grace that you can freely go up and down like an elevator. Be careful not to jump off the top, but walk along the water wheel step by step.

    Eventually, you’ll be placed where an Abductor Virgin is waiting for you. This Abductor Virgin will perform a grabbing attack on you, pulling you into her body and causing damage to you.

    You must die in her body until you see the “You Died” message. After a while you will respawn in a small area below Volcano Manor, surrounded by lava. Cross the lava and follow this path to the Subterranean Inquisition Chamber Site Of Grace. You can rest here for a while and then go down the path to reach a fog door with two Abductor Virgins behind it.

    Two Abductor Virgins will be more difficult to fight than the ones encountered before, especially for players of Liurnia level. This battle will be more difficult. But once you defeat them, you can go directly to the top area of Altus Plateau. Most players in this area will choose to bypass Mount Gelmir to reach it.

    From here, it is possible to follow the remaining steps of Path 4, which will lead you to Volcano Manor earlier than any other method.

    Path 2: Progress Rya’s Quest

    I just mentioned the fastest way. Now let’s talk about the second fastest way, which is progressing Rya’s quest. Rya can be found in Liurnia Of Lakes at the pavilion next to Birdseye Telescope near Laskyar Ruins and Scenic Isle.

    When you approach her and talk to her, she will ask you to retrieve an extra stolen a necklace from a nearby thief. After chatting, you need to walk a short distance northwest to Boilprawn Shack and talk to Blackguard Big Boggart. The ultimate goal is to buy the necklace from him with 1000 Runes.

    Go back to where you talked to Rya and give her the necklace, and you’ll get a Volcano Manor Invitation from her. At this point you need to make a choice. Rya wants you to go to Altus Plateau first, and then she will teleport you to Volcano Manor. But once you arrive at Altus Plateau, you’ll find Rya waiting for you in the following two locations.

    • If you take Ruin-Strewn Precipice path, Rya will be near Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site Of Grace.
    • If you are taking Grand Lift Of Dectus path, Rya will be waiting for you at the top of the lift.

    Approach Rya and talk to her again. She’ll offer to take you directly to Volcano Manor. This path differs from Path 1 because it does not require combat and can bypass most of Mount Gelmir, but talking to Rya may be a bit cumbersome.

    Path 3: Via Campsite Ladders

    If you want an easier path to Volcano Manor, then I suggest you climb the ladder to Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast arena as early as possible. Starting from the north side of Altus Plateau, follow the path west until you reach Bridge Of Iniquity Site Of Grace.

    Ahead of you are two Abductor Virgins in the campsite. You don’t need to fight them like in Path 1, you just need to find the cliff on the left and run to the ladder on the wall of the second campsite. Keep climbing up and finally rest on the first Mount Gelmir Campsite Site Of Grace on the left. Wait for the opportunity, kill the soldiers guarding the tower in front, and leave the tower through the stone bridge.

    At the top of the hill is a Grafted Scion, which you can either fight or just run towards. Climb any ladder you can see and keep going until you reach a place full of crazy soldiers and knights. Cross the wooden bridge to the west and rest at Mt. Gelmir Campsite Site Of Grace.

    Directly above you is a vast arena, where the challenging Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast boss is located. You can climb up the ladder or use Spiritspring to jump up via a torrent. I prefer the latter as it allows you to move forward faster.

    The main entrance to Volcano Manor is on your left. Go down there and kill the enemies along the way to reach the entrance of Volcano Manor. You can enter by pushing the door.

    Path 4: Around Mount Gelmir

    The last and longest and slowest route is around Mount Gelmir. Starting at Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace in Altus Plateau, climb the slopes north and then turn left through Wyndham Ruins, where you can gently descend along the Seethewater River.

    Follow the river to the north and to the west. Be careful with the jets of water that shoot out from the ground. Eventually, you’ll reach the outskirts of Fort Laiedd on the west coast of Mount Gelmir.

    You can clean up Fort Laiedd if you want, or you can choose to just bypass it. No matter what, go all the way south to the edge of magma lake, and there will be a Magma Wyrm to greet you. Be careful not to talk to it, but to defeat it. After success, go around the right side of the lake, past Demi-Humans and Runebear, past Craftsman’s Shack and the Hermit Village, and finally reach the rocky slope next to Demi-Human Queen Maggie.

    Climb up the video and descend next to Gelmir Hero’s Grave. Then go straight and turn left at the tower onto another rocky slope.

    From this point on, Path 3 and Path 4 are identical. Defeat or bypass Grafted Scion and climb any ladder you see, then turn left and cross the wooden bridge to the west. From the Gailmere Camp on Mount Ninth of Grays, head to Gray's mature Meteor Beast Camp and jump off the rocky outcrop on the west side. Afterwards, you can follow the path directly to the main entrance of Volcano Manor.

    Path 3 and Path 4 are actually somewhat similar. Just keep running up like Path 3 and finally follow the path to the main entrance of Volcano Manor.

    The above are the four paths to Volcano Manor. You can choose from them. Before entering the game, you still have to be mentally prepared, because it is really difficult. Just kidding. I wish you have a pleasant gaming experience.

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