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Summoners War Chronicles: Seven Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Posted: Mar 15, 2023

There are a lot of things in the game that are technically mistakes or perhaps they’re just things that you might do that aren’t quite as efficient as another thing. Maybe you picked a not so good monster in your selective summons. Maybe you started leveling a five-star monster on the first day of the game. Most of these things are not a big deal and after playing for a couple of months, you won’t even remember it happened.

Some things, though, are definitely bigger mistakes than others and I want to go over some of the biggest mistakes that new players make when starting to play Summoners War Chronicles.

Mistake 1: 5 Star Pieces - Don’t Waste Them

Don’t use your 5 Star pieces for anything except awakening. Don’t use them for skill ups and be careful in the exchange shop, where you can exchange items and gear by using Summoners War: Chronicles Rahild.

Now, after you’ve played a couple months, you will have a good understanding of what 5-Star pieces to keep and which ones you can use for other things.

Summoners War Chronicles Woosa

For instance, here is a Woosa, a very strong monster. I have pieces for him and I could use them for skill-ups, but that would be the biggest waste because I need those pieces to awaken him further. You can use the pieces of another element in the same family to skill up Woosa. But be careful doing that because you might need those other pieces in the future.

In most cases, you only want to use Devilmon to skill up your 5-Star monsters. There are exceptions to that rule, and we can go over those later.

In this game, getting duplicate monsters in the Altar’s Blessing is actually an extremely important way to get more power. The game gives you a way to consistently get duplicates of a specific monster and that’s by putting them into the Altar’s Blessing. You generally want to put your best three Nat 5s that you have into the Altar’s Blessing. You need five duplicates in order to max awaken a five-star monster. That’s a lot of summoning.

I am months into the game and still haven’t awakened 15 of my 5-Star monsters. It’s very expensive.

Mistake 2: Enhancing Gear - Don’t Enhance To +15

As you progress through the main story in the area, quest on all of your three summoners. You will get a decent amount of summoner gear. Do not and I repeat do not plus 15 any gear like ever. It is so freaking expensive and it will drain you of all of your Sky Stones and lately Sky Stones are the biggest bottleneck to progression.

You will be replacing your gear with better gear very often until you get to late game, where replacing gear could take weeks and even months of grinding.

I would try not to go past plus six on blue and purple gear until you get stuck and then you can maybe enhance the plus nine. But don’t enhance gear to plus 12 until you start getting gold legendary gear. But don’t go past 12. This 5-Star legendary gear will soon be replaced by foggy prison gear and you could also plus 12 that and later you’ll get white castle gear, which of course you will plus 12 that as well.

Mistake 3: Powering Up Runes - Stop +15Ing Trash Runes

Runes are like gear for your monsters and they are one of the most important parts of getting more power in the game. Do not plus 15 runes until you get farther into the game. You will be getting lots of three, four and even 5-Star runes by completing the quests and farming the Path of Adventure dungeons.

But most of these runes are garbage and you don’t want to invest resources, namely Sky Stones, into runes that are going to immediately be replaced by better ones.

Summoners War Chronicles general runes

Here are the general runes. If it’s a four-star rune or less, don’t go past plus nine. If it’s a 5-Star blue rune and it has decent sub stats for the monster it’s on, then you can maybe enhance it to plus 12.

Try and wait until you start getting 5-Star purple rune drops from Path of Adventure. 5-Star purple runes will be a massive power spike for your monsters. Slots 2, 4 and 6 typically get you the most stats and these purple 5-Star runes in those slots are generally okay to plus 15.

Make sure that the main stat property is appropriate for the monster and that it has decent sub stats before plus 15ing it. After this, you need to start being very picky with the runes that you power up. Make sure that your runes have a good set of sub stats and they have higher tier ratings like A or S.

If you level up every rune you get, then you will run out of Sky Stones and get hard stuck.

Summoners War Chronicles Sky Stones

Mistake 4: Dungeon Tickets - Get More Value From Tickets

By playing the game, you will get tons of these dungeon tickets. They are used to enter the dungeons and get rewards past the daily limits. These are great and very useful, but don’t waste them in lower-level dungeons. Wait until you can clear level 14 and 15 of the rune dungeons before you start using tickets.

Mistake 5: Repeat Quests - Save Them For Later

One of the easiest ways to get resources is by doing repeat quests. As you progress through the game, you will get a lot of these tokens. Save these tokens until you finish the main story and your summoner reaches around level 55.

At that point, you can use them here on the Calming the Disturbance repeat quests. This is generally accepted as the highest value of repeat quests. If you need more essence, you could go for the dangerous challenge quest and you could be opening up some secret dungeons early on to get ShuShu. So, you’ll need to be doing some of these burning energy quests, too.

Mistake 6: Crystals Summons - Horrible Value

Once you run out of summons, you will be offered this summon crystals option. Don’t ever do this. That is a horrible use of your valuable crystals. Instead, use your crystals on one to two dungeon refreshes every day extra bag space, these cool summoning packs for crystals and even the growth and Essence Dungeon Ticket Packages.

There’s lots of things that you could spend your crystals on but definitely don’t spend it on Summon.

Mistake 7: Leveling 5 Stars - Don’t Get Stuck

My last mistake for you is to stop powering up, leveling up, awakening and skilling up all of your five stars early on in the game. Your five stars are really cool, but they’re extremely expensive to build. Maxing out a three star unit is less than half of what it costs to max out a five-star unit and the same goes for leveling up your four-star monsters.

Summoners War Chronicles Iselia

You need to be focusing on your Holy Trinity, Shannon, Konamiya, Iselia, and then you can start adding in some four-star monsters, like Chloe, Lulu and Naomi.

Once all of those monsters are maxed or nearly maxed out, then we can start focusing on your five stars, too. Many players early on in the game level up and max awaken their five stars or at least attempt to and then they get hard stuck because they’re out of resources and those five stars really aren’t helping them as much as they were hoping.


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