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Skull And Bones: Everything We Need To Know About The Scurlock's Long Nine Cannons

Posted: Mar 18, 2024

Today, I want to discuss how to acquire the top-tier long guns currently available in Skull and Bones, known as the Scurlock's Long Nines. It’s surprising how many players don’t know how to get these cannons, which is why I decided to dedicate a guide to them. Many top players utilize them due to their unique perks. So, without further ado, let's delve into it.

Skull And Bones: Everything We Need To Know About The Scurlock's Long Nine Cannons

Weapon Overview

Before delving into the process of obtaining these cannons, let's take a closer look at the Scurlock's Long Nines themselves and their specifications. These cannons, mounted prominently on the front of my ship, belong to the epic class, often referred to as the purple-highlighted class.

Described as 'infamous long guns', they have been utilized by Scurlock to dismantle numerous ships, targeting their mass before the Kingpin delivers the final blow. With a damage output of 3,194, these cannons are formidable. When compared to other cannons, such as the standard Long Gun V, they may appear to inflict slightly less raw damage.


These guns are highly favored due to their exceptional perks. Among these perks is the Mast Breaker, which inflicts 7,000 damage after the Torn Sails effect is initiated. Essentially, when a shot from these cannons precedes the Torn Sails effect on an enemy ship, it deals a significant blow, subtracting 7,000 health from the target. This feature proves invaluable in PvP scenarios, as it allows players to focus their fire on enemy sails rather than targeting the hull directly. Given the expansive surface area of sails, these cannons offer a strategic advantage in combat.

Another notable perk is Piercing III, which enhances damage output by converting 30% of it into piercing damage and doubling damage to weak points. Targeting these weak points becomes crucial when facing formidable adversaries like the Sambuk or the Snow, making this piercing effect a game-changer that can shift the tide of battle in your favor.

Additionally, the Tearing II perk increases damage by 50% when hitting sails. This means that, while hitting the hull is effective, targeting the sails with these cannons yields even greater damage output. This perk synergizes well with similar effects, such as those found on the Tearing Culverin, potentially allowing for powerful combinations in combat strategies.

How To Get It?

Acquiring these guns is a somewhat lengthy process, but here's how you can do it. Begin by accessing your Helm office within Saint Anne. It's crucial to be in Saint Anne because you'll need access to your distillery. The first step is to produce White Skull Rum. To do this, you'll need sugar cane. Each piece of sugar cane yields one bottle of White Skull Rum.

Why do you need White Skull Rum? It's because you'll need it to produce another type of rum called Gold Skull Rum. To create one bottle of Gold Skull Rum, you'll require 2 bottles of White Skull Rum.

Skull And Bones Gold Skull Rum

Head over to your helm empire overview and navigate to the upgrades section. Within the first section, smuggler operation, aim to reach Level 7 in upgrades. This will unlock the ability to produce Gold Skull Rum through the refinement of White Skull Rum. These cannons can only be obtained directly from Scurlock himself, as they are his exclusive weaponry. However, acquiring them comes at a hefty price. Let me take you through the process.

Imagine we're making our way to Scurlock's office. Up the stairs, into John Scurlock's office. Skip the cutscene, and there we are, at the buy and sell screen. Scurlock's Long Nines are available, but there's a catch: not enough Gold Skull Rum. The total price for one of these cannons is a staggering 1,000 Gold Skull Rum. This means you'll need to refine approximately 2,000 White Skull Rum to acquire them. If you manage to gather the required amount, you'll finally obtain the coveted Scurlock's Long Nines.


Hope this guide can help everyone understand how to actually get these cannons. They do the mast breaker effect, especially when you’re at a distance and you’re in PvP. You want to be able to immobilize the enemy, and hitting their sails with these cannons. If you pair them with the Tearing Culverin, you can definitely deal a lot of damage, and basically the enemy will never go away.


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