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Quick Guides on Paladin Builds in Elden Ring

Posted: Sep 28, 2022

Posted: Sep 28, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Hey folks, today I would like to give you some interesting guids on Paladin Builds in Elden Ring. You may feel confusing what the heck it is, but do not worry, I would start with the very beginning from the character creation.

Now there are a few classes you can choose, I like to go with the Confessor class, it has good Faith number, also with a 100 physical block shield although that will be replaced rather early, it has a few Miracles and a talisman. Overall it's just a good all-around starting class and I really like the outfits. Confessor is the best choice here during character creation, I like to pick the Golden Seed and this gives you an extra flask to either heal or get mana. It's a huge advantage when you're a new player in this game, and it can make all the difference in some boss fights where you just needed more flasks, and helps you get off to a better start.

Quick Guides on Paladin Builds in Elden Ring1

Now that you're done with character creation, the first thing you're going to do is getting the Brass Shield. This shield is able to farm at the Gatefront Ruins, not very far from the very beginning of the game, and it has higher Guard Boost, which reduces the stamina you consume when you block and that's exactly what you need for this build, because you need to be able to absorb attacks with that shield and then counter with your own attacks.

Quick Guides on Paladin Builds in Elden Ring2

Next one you need is the Ash of the War: Gold vow. Once you have the shield, head up the to Stormhill and there is a knight wandering around on the edge of a cliff, and kill this guy and he will give you this ashes of war, that's gonna allow you to put holy damage on your weapon and it scales with your Faith improving.

Quick Guides on Paladin Builds in Elden Ring3

The key point of this build is the Barricade Shield, it is a very good war ash, and this ability is absolutely fantastic as a game changer. This ashes of war buffs your shield when you use it for about 10 seconds. It allows you to absorb almost all enemy attacks and gives you an opening to counter, so you can save that stamina in order to attack. I cannot stress how valuable this is you can literally go toe-to-toe with bosses, just block their attacks and swing back at them, it is absolutely devastating and you're going to want to use this against any tough enemy.

Quick Guides on Paladin Builds in Elden Ring4

Actually that is almost every significant thing about this build, about spells or talisman you can just choose you favourite one and these would not effect the main content on this build.

If you want to know more about the interesting or powerful Elden Ring build, would keep updating and you can also buy Elden Ring Runes in cheap price here.


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