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Best Atlas Strategies In Path Of Exile 3.22 League - Blighted Map Farming Guide

Posted: Sep 06, 2023

Hello, Exiles! Today I’ll share with you my current Atlas strategy and give you an update on my build. I’ve mostly farmed Blight since the league started. This strategy has worked well for me so far.

Most of my profits come from valuable Oils, POE Currency and Divination card drops. And this Blighted map gives us a lot of stacked decks we can sell for more Divine Orbs at once.

Maintaining a Blighted map is easy. I usually use Polished Blight Scarab to run regular maps. You’ll get them just by completing Blight mechanic on the regular map. Sometimes, you’ll even get multiple Blighted maps on one map.

I usually start running Blighted maps when I have about twenty maps. When I run through all the maps, I go back to the regular maps and get back more Blighted maps.

Path of Exile 3.22: My Early Atlas Strategy


For my current Atlas Tree, some key points of Invitations and Bosses are still missing. But I get all Blight nodes. These nodes will provide Anointed Jewelry and Oil Extractor. If we use Oil Extractor on Anointed Jewelry, then we will have a significant chance of getting Golden Oil.


Meanwhile, we also grab all Essence nodes. Essence grows quickly. After you place Totems and Traps, the monster dies within seconds and pops Essence.

In addition, a Blighted map will also provide some additional Essence. So usually, we have the full Essence. And they add some revenue to us, so I think it’s totally worth it.

POE 3.22: Ultimate Blighted Map Farming Guide and Currency Strategy


Strongbox nodes are also good, especially Arcanist’s Strongbox and Diviner’s Strongbox. They will give you some valuable POE Currency and Divination cards.


In addition to providing additional monster packs, Shrine nodes will also give you additional buffs. This node randomly grants additional Shrine effects. That means you get the occasional surprise you didn’t expect. Especially when you get Acceleration Shrine, which allows you to spawn in most areas randomly and increases your projectile speed.

Path Of Exile 3.22: Atlas Tree

Map Run

We always run my maps with Polished Blight Scarab and Ambush Scarab. I also use Kirac’s Essence map mod and get a Searing Exarch on my map.

As for map selection, Carcass Map is pretty good. It has a map layout similar to Toxic Sewer Map, and it drops some valuable Divination cards like Dragon’s Heart and Nurse.

And the other maps I run are Phantasmagoria Map and Crimson Temple Map. Meanwhile, I also used Cartographer’s Chisel to increase the map quality to 20%, and then scrolled my map until its item quality was at least 70%.

We did the same with Blighted maps, anointing them with at least two Crimson Oils. Then run them with 3-4 different Sacrifice Fragments to further increase the item quality.

PoE 3.22: Starter Atlas Strategy

Build Update

Finally, I made some changes to my build gear. First, we found Abhorrent Interrogation with Despair curse, so the hit curse is now back on my ring. As for my glove, we plan to get a glove with the maximum Frenzy Charge.

Meanwhile, we also changed the belt and boots to limit my resistance. And this belt is also a nice upgrade because it has an open prefix.

That’s my current Atlas strategy and improvements to the build. I also used to follow an Atlas strategy created by someone else, but I didn’t really like it. I think it’s very important to have fun while farming the map. In short, I think you should do whatever is interesting and works for you. Good luck.


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