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Patch 2.5 And Upcoming Ladder Season Two For Diablo 2: Resurrected

Posted: Sep 26, 2022

Patch 2.5 for Diablo 2: Resurrected has been live for a while now. Terror Zones, which was launched in the public test realm not long ago, is a brand new feature in this release. This feature helps players experience level 99 journeys during the season.

Since the difficulty of the game increases significantly as the armies of the Burning Hells increase the power and level of monsters in specific areas, Blizzard encourages players to use D2R Items to level up and collect loot scattered throughout the Sanctuary.

Terror Zones

Blizzard is very confident about the first Ladder Season and has announced that it will be releasing Ladder Season Two on October 6th with six new Sundering Charms.

Ladder Season Two is the first Ladder Season with Terror Zones. Players can compete to reach level 99 during the season while collecting loot scattered across various locations. Players still have to decide their own strategy if they want to defeat the Burning Hells. Is the choice through the way of leveling up, or just through hard work? In any case, I am very optimistic about Terror Zones, and I feel that its launch is likely to affect the leaderboard. Let's wait and see!

Ladder Season Two

Finally, regarding general gameplay/quality of life buffs, I'd like to remind players: if you still have items equipped on your previous mercenary, you can go through the mercenary confirmation prompt to get an additional warning text. At the same time, the damage value for the Paladins' Thorns aura will also appear on the character menu.

If players want to quickly defeat the monsters in the Burning Hells in Ladder Season Two, you also need to prepare enough D2R Ladder Items to upgrade. Luckily, you can buy D2R Ladder Items or D2R Items at Our trading environment is 100% safe. And We have different payment methods, such as Paypal, Credits Cards and Pay Locally. If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact our customer service! Act now!


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