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Open-World PvP Leaderboards Will Come To New World Soon

Posted: Dec 23, 2022

A few days ago, New World released a new video episode of Forged in Aeternum. This video mainly tells about all the territories, including recent changes to the tax system, and future developments. As soon as the video was released, it attracted a large wave of New World fans to watch.

Taking advantage of how hot these topics are, the game's developer has released another video and dives into a few different topics, including their favorite areas in New World, recent territorial changes and teasing upcoming open world PvP leaderboards.

The main title of the video is "Territory Game" and it is co-hosted by Creative Director David Verfaillie and Social Feature Lead Dan Henuber. In this video, the two hosts mainly discussed in depth the new developments released for the revenue-sharing model, and involved the territory upgrades of towns and other governors. Regarding the issue of territorial upgrades, they also specifically emphasized that if players want to be in the current to increase income quickly, one should aggressively upgrade their Territory to the highest level. Because only in this way, players have the opportunity to get in touch with more Territory projects and obtain additional funds. For now, Everfall, Brimstone, and Windward are a few areas that can create high value at this rate.

In addition to talking about Territory and other issues, in this video, the two hosts also discussed one of the features that the New World team has been talking about for months and will finally be implemented soon, PvP leaderboards and how the Territory Game will be affected? As Henuber explains it, leaderboards are actually "Faction War Boards" and change monthly and quarterly. The stats on the leaderboard are tied to territory changes, where players can see the top three factions. And these top-ranked factions will have the opportunity to measure how long they have held territories, their influence, and more.

Territory Game

As for how wars between factions start, the developers plan to figure that out by determining who becomes the Vanguard and who can declare war. Henuber even revealed that New World may usher in "timing windows" and "control points" in the future.

Timing windows relate to territories that may have positive effects, creating density for PvP by naming hotspots and action locations. You can defend and even win influence there. And the faction that owns the territory imposes a limited captivity on it before defending it. Another option, faction control points, is something the developers want to improve. This option was created with the same purpose in creating density, but more in order to spark fights with the potential for greater payoffs for both defenses and attackers. All in all, these measures are intended to bring new vitality to Territory Game.

After watching the video, many players commented that they really liked some of the hosts' ideas. However, there are still some players who have expressed their opinions and most of them are complaining. The reward mechanism of open world PvP needs to be further improved. Here's a comment from one of the players "If New World wants to attract more players to those open world battles, it needs to make some major improvements to the reward structure". Another player added that "if you want to increase the motivation of players to complete PvP, you can do it by increasing the rewards and influence given by PvP."

If you want to excel in PvP, then using New World Coins to equip your characters with excellent equipment and weapons is a good choice.


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