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New World: Mrykgard Has A Hidden Dungeon Set

Posted: Dec 30, 2021

In the past two months, Myrkgard in New World has been attracting players. Since all the problems encountered by the players in the game have been solved, the developers are also doing a live stream dungeon run of it. Now Myrkgard's reputation may be even greater because some players noticed a hidden dungeon there. IGGM has also seen relevant news on the Internet recently.

If you have ever been to the Myrk Dungeon, you may have noticed a church at the top. You don’t need to go there because there is no elite chest, once you want to take a look, you can find a dungeon entrance in the back, which you can't interact with yet.

In last year’s game preview, the church was open, you can kill Commander Thorpe and the only spriggan arena boss. Amazon Games seems to have decided to remove these bosses and prepare for other things. It may be a sequel to the story, which will be available in February 2022.

But now, according to players who have successfully entered, there is nothing in it, so there is no hidden lore to glimpse, but this may be temporary, and it may get some additions in the future.

It seems that the Myrkgard dungeon is destined to be connected with everything that happened in the New World in the past two months, and even the developers live streaming a run of the dungeon, which arouses the curiosity of the players. Fans are even more looking forward to the upcoming new storyline that will bring some upgrades to New World, rather than repeating some boring quests.

Although New World has had various problems since its release, it is still popular with fans, and IGGM is always paying attention to the latest trends. If you are a fan of New World, you can come to IGGM to buy New World Coins now, because it is still during the Christmas promo period, come here to buy New World Coins with the code "XMAS", and you will get a generous discount. Sufficient New World Coins will allow you to have a better experience when the next update arrives.


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