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New World: How To Level Your Mount Fast & Unlock Wolves/Lions In Rise Of The Angry Earth?

Posted: Nov 03, 2023

How can you max out your riding skill fast and unlock the wolf and lion mounts in New World Rise of the Angry Earth?

With mounts being released with the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, everyone is rushing to max out their riding skill so they can hit top speeds and unlock the new wolf and lion mounts.

This new skill is very different from the previous skills we’ve had in New World, but it’s really easy and simple once you fully understand it.

The nice thing about the riding skill is there’s a more casual way to level it that takes a bit longer to level but requires little to no effort or you can do the races to speed through the whole skill line.

New World: How To Level Your Mount Fast & Unlock Wolves/Lions In Rise Of The Angry Earth?

How To Get Mount?

First off, if you don’t have a mount already, you need to be a minimum level of 25 and own the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion.

Then, head over to complete the quest, ‘My Kingdom for a Horse’. You’ll see a golden horseshoe on the map where it can be started. It’s over and everfall.

Once the quest is done, you unlock your mount. Simply equip it and it’s time to get started with the leveling.

Method 1

Let’s start off with the casual way of leveling the skill.

For those of you who don’t enjoy the races, if you plan on racing, you should still do this method on the side to maximize efficiency.

Basically, you just need to make sure you’re feeding your Mount Vittles every day. You can feed your mount three times a day and you’re going to want to be using the maximum tier your riding skill lets you use.

New World Mount Vittles

  1. From level one, you’ll skip Basic Mount Vittles and go straight to Mount Vittles since you’ll be getting 2,500 XP per instead of the 1,250 from the basic ones.
  2. Then, once you get up to level 75 riding, switch over to Hearty Mount Vittles, which will now be giving you 8,000 XP per.
  3. At riding 150 for the final push to 250, you will be using Luxury Mount Vittles.

Because the riding skill currently has no aptitude levels and just ends at 250, these items will always be extremely cheap on the Trade Post. So, even though you can cook them easily or get them as mount quest rewards, if you ever don’t have enough to use three of the highest tier available to you for the day, just head over to the Trade Post and buy some using your New World Coins.

While mounted, put these vittles on your hot bar and use them to start feeding your mount. Using three of these a day will slowly but surely max out your riding skill.

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Method 2

But if you want to be ultra efficient with your leveling, you should do this and do the next method we’re going to be talking about as well - Time Trials.

Doing one of the Time Trials is not only the fastest way to level up your mounts, but it’s what’s required for you to get your wolf and lion mounts.

There’s basically two different versions of these Time Trials - tours & rallies.

  1. Tours are the more annoying of the bunch, having you go from point A to point B in a certain amount of time, which if you aren’t good at map navigation can be a bit of a pain.
  2. Rallies have you doing the same thing, but there are checkpoints along the way, making it so that you don’t have to open your map to complete these.

After acquiring your mount, you’ll be given a quest with five of these races to go around the world and complete.

Get Wolf

The first batch is really easy and you can get done pretty quickly, which will leave you around level 90 riding.

Then, they’ll send you on another five races a bit longer ones, which will bring you to around 120 riding and finally giving you the quest to get your wolf mount called ‘A Pack Of Knaves’.

After you get your wolf, you’ll have to prove yourself to it on another set of five races, which again get longer and more difficult. But they will leave you around level 150 riding.

New World Wolf Mount

Get Lion

The next set of five will take you to 220 riding and allow you to go on a quest to unlock the lion mount called ‘A Matter of Pride’.

After that, they’ll keep giving you a couple more sets of five. But after the next set, you should hit level 250 and be done with the skill. You can skip the rest of the quests unless you’re a completionist.

You’ll now have unlocked all the different kinds of mounts plus gotten the vital speed boosts from levels 50, 100, 150, and 200. Plus, you can equip mount straps and shoes now, which will give you various bonuses to your mount.

New World Lion Mount

I know the mount races can get long and tedious, but count yourselves lucky. When the mounts first came out, these were even longer, so they’ve been shortened since.

If you’re trying to race to max speed, then definitely do a combination of both. But if all you want is a horse and you can only play a little every day, feel free to do the passive method that covers how to max out your riding skill fast and unlock the wolves and lion mounts.


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