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New World: Christmas Is Delayed In Aeternum

Posted: Dec 16, 2021

Developer has announced the delay of the December monthly update of New World and the upcoming Winter Convergence event, but the specific time has not yet been announced. IGGM is also asking for information on this update.

This update means a huge overhaul to the New World system, which will not only rework the crafting, PVP, loot tables, etc. but also introduce a new crafting resource - Gypsum.

Winter Convergence

In addition to the update, Winter Convergence is a holiday event and you will see ice caves and winter villages in Aeternum. In 7 new quests at levels 25-60, you will get limited-time items. But the bad news is that developer has now arbitrarily delayed it and has not announced its release date.

This is annoying to players because the official release date of New World has been delayed several times. When will developer be able to faithfully fulfill its promise? However, some players also said that delaying the release may be a good thing because New World's vulnerability and update content acceptance is very low.

New World had a good start, but over time, its problems have also emerged. In the update at the beginning of this month, the crafting system and resource gathering were unexpectedly nerfed, which makes it more difficult for players to upgrade.

In addition, the statement about changing the Watermark and Gear Scores was also strongly opposed by players, because these changes would make it worthless to spend New World Coins to purchase armor from other players.

According to statistics, New World lost nearly 70% of its players in the first month. If developer continues to follow the current direction, it will be possible to lose more players.

As a seller of New World Coins, IGGM certainly expects that New World will become better and better so that we have the opportunity to serve more New World Coins buyers.


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