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Monopoly GO: What Need To Know About Tycoon Racers? - Tips & Rewards

Posted: Jun 13, 2024

New events and rewards are a great motivation to keep playing. This is also true in Monopoly GO. With the launch of the new event, Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers, there are more and more questions about what this new event is and what rewards it will give you.

Tycoon Racers is a minigame in Monopoly GO. Minigames are short events that give players a goal to achieve in exchange for rewards. Tycoon Racers offers players some new and different requirements as it joins the monthly rotating Treasures and Partners events.

This article will help you understand what Tycoon Racers is about and what rewards are available.

Monopoly GO: What Need To Know About Tycoon Racers? - Tips & Rewards

What Is Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers?

In Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers, players can create a team of four and then compete with other team racers to sprint to the finish line to win prizes.

This is a cooperative event and will be a new multiplayer experience. Players will team up with friends to pool Flags won from tournaments and events to compete with other teams for victory.

During the preparation phase of Tycoon Racers, players have a few days to pick three friends to join their team and collect as many Flags as possible.

Stock up as many Flags as possible to give your team a head start when the game starts. But don’t worry that you won’t be able to collect enough Flags on your own to challenge other teams. After all, you are a team. All team matches are based on skill levels. Everyone in the team will work hard and have the same chance to win first place.

After forming a team and collecting Flags, the event will enter the competition phase. During this time, players can continue to collect Flags. You can pick prizes after each game. These prizes include more Flags that you can use in the game, Monopoly Go Stickers, and other wonderful prizes. You need to pick prizes that will help you stay competitive in the next game.

After completing the entire competition phase, the team will receive medals. The team with the most medals after three games will win the grand prize. The more medals you earn, the more prizes you can get. Prizes are not immediately credited to your account, they are awarded at the end of each game. You just need to keep running laps on the board until you finish the current game.

What Is The Goal?

It is your team’s goal to roll three special dice inside the popper using the flags you collected. It takes at least 20 flags to activate the Tycoon Racers dice popper to roll a round. The ranking in the race is determined by the value of the dice you roll inside the popper.

The team that completes the most laps and is in the lead will win the race and will receive medals, which can eventually unlock the grand prize. Your ultimate goal is to have more laps and points than other teams to get better rewards.

The final of the three races in Tycoon Racers Monopoly GO is the most important. Winning the last race will earn you double medals. Having the most medals at the end of Tycoon Racers will win you the grand prize.

Monopoly Go What Is The Goal?

How Long Does Tycoon Racers Last?

Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers event will start on June 12, 2024 and end on June 16, giving you a total of 4 days to enjoy this event. From June 13 to June 16, each of the three events will last 25 hours. The grand prizes for Tycoon Racers minigame are Wild Sticker (Pick any sticker from any album), Tycoon Racer Token, and 3,500 Dice Rolls. Make sure you are prepared to win the grand prize.

How To Score Points?

Scoring points in Tycoon Racers requires collecting Flags and spinning the points wheel. You can find the points spinner by going into the Tycoon Racers event menu when you get flags from Events, Quick Wins, and Tournament Prizes.

By changing the multiplier and clicking on the dice popper, you will roll dice based on the number of Flags you have. The number of points you earn depends on the sum of the dice, so the result is entirely based on luck. You can also team up with three other players who will collect points at the same time to help you advance to the next level.

How to Get More Flags?

If you want to win more Flags during Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers, you need to participate in Events, Tournaments, and Daily Tasks. Tournaments (such as Grease & Glory Tournaments) offer a large number of Flags for all players. As long as you win points in tournaments, you will have enough opportunities to pull away from other racers in this event.

In addition, you need to pay attention to Daily Tasks. This will be one of the best ways to get some extra Flags, which can come in handy when you need a last-minute boost to complete the race.

The above is what you can learn about the content and rewards of this new event in Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers. So hurry up and prepare for the competition with your friends in your team, and hope you can get more prizes!


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