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Monopoly Go: How To Collect All Stickers Before Making Music Stickers Ends?

Posted: Jun 13, 2024

Making Music Sticker Adventure in Monopoly GO ends on June 20, 2024. Have you collected all 189 Stickers yet?

If you’re wondering how to get more Monopoly Go Stickers, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re only a few stickers away from a full album, here are all the details you need to get as many stickers as possible without spending too much money. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

Monopoly GO: How To Collect All Stickers Before Making Music Stickers Ends?

Monopoly Go Stickers

Stickers are one of the main collectibles in the game, and you can get them by participating in frequent events and completing challenges. Unlike dice and cash, you can’t directly get Stickers you need by spending money, so if you want to complete some Sticker Albums, you’ll need to participate in as many in-game events as possible.

Completing Albums earns you dice and cash, which are Monopoly Go’s most precious in-game resources, as well as snazzy in-game tokens.

How To Collect All Stickers?

If you want to get all Stickers as quickly as possible, check out the following points. It’s worth noting that not all methods are available at the start of the game, and mechanics like Quick Wins and Color Wheel require you to play through the first few boards before all options become available.

Get Sticker Packs

While there are a lot of freeways to get stickers in Monopoly GO, you can also get select items in the game, including more dice rolls, cash, and packs that contain various items, such as stickers. There is an in-game store to get these items. Don’t forget that there will also be offers in the upper left corner of the main game screen, which will provide better prices and allow you to get more stickers.

However, I need to warn you that you may not get the stickers you need from Sticker Packs immediately, so be prepared and hope that RNG gods bless you.

How to Get the Purple Sticker Pack in Monopoly Go?

Quick Wins

Quick Wins are accessed by clicking “Wins” icon in the lower left corner of the game screen. Basically, you need to complete three Quick Wins tasks every day before the 24-hour time is up. You will receive points for completing each Quick Win task.

The missions aren’t hard, just be aware that if you just don’t land on the required squares to complete a Quick Wins mission, just lower the multiplier to x1 so you have more chances to reach it.

As you progress through Quick Wins missions over the week, a number of Milestones will appear on the prize bar at the bottom of the screen. You can tap on each prize to see how many Quick Win points you need to reach each Milestone. Remember, you have a week to complete this mission to get all the prizes.

With relatively little hassle, you can actually get some nice prizes. The prizes for Quick Wins change daily, and they’re usually some small prize like 20 dice, or some cash, regular stickers, or special event items.

Monopoly GO Quick Wins


Also, competing against other players in Tournaments for prizes is a great way to get them. You can move up the leaderboard by moving around the board and picking up items. Each event lasts a certain number of days, and at the end of the event, the top 100 players will receive a prize. This is another great way to get the best stickers in the game.

Color Wheel

Another way to get more stickers in Monopoly GO is to complete Color Wheel on the board. Just like in traditional board games, as you play, you earn properties and hotels to place on the board. The game places these properties randomly, so you don’t get to choose which properties they are placed on. However, once you complete a set, you will be able to spin the wheel, free dice rolls, sticker packs, and money.

Join A Group

Also, opting in to the online community is a great way to enhance your gaming experience, and it can give you an immense advantage in Monopoly GO, putting you ahead of other players.

Some free links containing stickers may sometimes be shared in groups. By joining like-minded players, you can also exchange any duplicate stickers with a wide variety of people.

Stickers For Rewards

While there are multiple ways to replace duplicate stickers, the best way is to use them in Stickers For Rewards tab. Any duplicate stickers are automatically transferred here and can be exchanged for vaults with more rewards.

While you need at least 250 duplicate stickers to open, they offer some of the best rewards. This can include high-star stickers or some new stickers to add to your collection.

Monopoly GO: Stickers for Rewards Explained

Trade With Friends

Like other games that include packs and stickers, Monopoly GO also has an option to trade with friends. Inviting friends to play Monopoly GO will not only give you money, but you can also use it to exchange any duplicate stickers you have for the ones you need.

This is one of the most effective ways to guarantee that you receive new stickers. This is especially useful when you have already filled up most of your Sticker Album and only have a few left to earn.

Play The Game Every Day

The easiest way to guarantee that you get stickers is to play the game regularly. Every day after logging in, you will receive a daily reward that increases in value for up to seven consecutive days of play.

Like other free items, these rewards include stickers, dice rolls, or money. While you won’t receive stickers every day, it is the easiest way to get them because you don’t even have to play Monopoly GO.

Additionally, while the in-game store gives players, the option to paid items, it also provides the opportunity to get free gifts. You can claim your free daily gift at the top of the store menu, which is usually a few dice rolls to continue playing, money to build, or in rare cases, stickers.

That’s it for the best strategy to help you collect all the stickers to complete your Sticker Album before Making Music Sticker season ends. So jump in and complete your goals before the season officially ends!


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