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Monopoly Go: Master These Methods To Get Unlimited Dice On The Board!

Posted: Jun 19, 2024

Posted: Jun 19, 2024

Source:  IGGM

As a classic board game, Monopoly GO players need to move around the board by throwing dice to earn income, and build properties on the corresponding squares and rent them out. Our primary goal is to bankrupt other opponents by collecting rent from them and get the ultimate victory!

As you can imagine, Monopoly Go Dice plays a vital role in the game. Without them, players cannot play the game or progress. Unfortunately, most players don’t know some simple ways to collect dice to keep the game progressing. Players can check out the following methods to ensure that they always have a steady supply of dice when occupying the board.

Monopoly Go: Master These Methods To Get Unlimited Dice On The Board!

1. Pay To Get Dice

First of all, if you don’t have more time and energy, you can directly get Monopoly Go Dice with real money. Here you can find a lot of options to get a certain number of dice. It is recommended that you keep an eye out for limited-time offers and special offers to get better value.

2. Free Dice Links

Undoubtedly, the easiest way to get dice is to use Free Dice Links. Simply click the link on the device where the game is installed and wait 5-10 seconds, and the player will immediately receive 20-50 dice.

It is important to note that each gift can only be claimed once. Once a player claims the reward using the link, they cannot claim the reward again.

3. Invite Friends

Monopoly GO allows players to earn Dice Rolls by referring the game to their friends. Each player has a referral link, which they send to friends to invite them to the game. After each successful referral, they will receive Dice Rolls.

Please note that the referred player must be new to the game. Each player can invite up to 10 new players to receive free Dice Rolls.

4. Open Community Chest

Players can get free dice when they open Community Chest. While opening the chest rewards players with a lot of cash, sometimes free dice are also given as a reward.

Besides this, keep an eye on the board and help friends open the chest. Every time a friend successfully opens the chest, you will receive 10 dice as a reward. The feeling of helping a friend is unmatched, and getting in-game rewards is an extra pleasure.

5. Daily Login Bonuses

In addition, logging into the game every day is also an excellent opportunity to get free Dice Rolls. These daily bonuses usually include many free Dice Rolls.

Another method worth considering is to start the first game of the day. Not only does this provide players with daily rewards, but it also helps to make progress on the reward bar to get additional rewards. Among these rewards, players can also look forward to getting Dice Rolls.

6. Increase Net Worth

There is nothing better than getting a sweet reward at the end of each Milestone. Monopoly GO recognizes this and offers rewards to players who make progress.

Since most Net Worth Milestones will give players free dice. Therefore, players should focus on building new properties and upgrading them throughout the board. Each such action will add one point to Net Worth and help players get closer to those free rewards. Players can also upgrade their Net Worth by building hotels on the board.

How to increase your net worth in Monopoly GO?

7. Collect Collectibles

Monopoly GO features a series of fun collectibles that allow players to freely express themselves in the game. These can be found in My Showroom tab on the menu at the top right of the screen. Here you can view your current collection by tapping on the relevant button.

Collecting an entire collection is a great way to get free dice rolls. You can collect these by actively participating in events and tournaments, completing Quick Wins, or Sticker Sets.

8. Complete Sticker Albums

Completing individual Sticker Sets is another way to get free dice rolls in Monopoly GO. All Sticker Albums contain a certain number of Sticker Sets, each consisting of nine unique Stickers related to a specific theme of the album.

Each time you complete a Sticker Set, you can win special prizes, including a bunch of dice, cash, and sometimes new tokens or shields. You can easily collect Monopoly Go Stickers you want by opening Sticker Packs or trading with Monopoly GO friends.

How to Complete Albums in Monopoly Go?

Completing entire Sticker Albums is the best way to get hundreds of Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO. While it may take some time and effort to collect all Stickers, trust me, the rewards are worth it.

To check your sticker collection and set progress, tap Album button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Remember, you only have a certain amount of time to collect stickers and complete Album, otherwise Album will reset.

9. Stickers For Rewards

Inevitably, you will often get duplicates of the same stickers as you collect. But players can trade with friends, and surprisingly, they can also get some free dice by exchanging duplicate stickers.

Players need to go to their album and then look for the safe box at the bottom of the screen. From there, they will exchange duplicate stickers for rewards.

Monopoly Go: Stickers For Rewards

10. Actively Participate In New Events

Every 1-2 days, Monopoly GO adds new events and tournaments to the game. Players can participate in these celebrations to earn cash and rewards, including free dice. The more players play, the more tournament points they earn, which means more rewards can be unlocked.

Players can earn rewards every time they reach a milestone in events and tournaments. In addition, players who place high in tournaments can also receive additional free rewards besides the standard milestone bonus.

All in all, I hope these tips will help you become the ultimate tycoon and continue your gaming journey. Have a nice day!


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