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Monopoly GO: Come Play With Your Friends And Win Together! - Preparation & Strategies

Posted: Jul 04, 2024

Monopoly GO is a modern take on the classic board game Monopoly, with digital elements and sophisticated multiplayer features. This modern version retains the core essence of the classic game, but leverages the digital platform to allow Monopoly GO players to play with friends and family anywhere, anytime, regardless of geographic barriers!

In this way, Monopoly GO increases social interaction and fosters camaraderie and competition between players. Playing this game with friends is a great way to train your strategic thinking, as you both need to work together to overcome various challenges and opportunities to win.

Monopoly GO: Come Play With Your Friends And Win Together! - Preparation & Strategies

Preparation For Both Parties

Before entering the multiplayer mode, you need to both be very familiar with the basic rules and objectives of Monopoly GO. In this way, you can ensure that the game process is smooth and enjoyable. For example, property acquisition, rent collection, and the monetary system.

Set Up The Game With Friends

This step is a very simple process, but it can lead to a very interesting experience. First, you need to make sure you both have Monopoly GO app installed on your devices. Once you have launched the app, find the main menu and tap on the option to start a new game.

Here you can choose to start a variety of games, such as private games or public games. The former allows you to get closer to your friends, while the latter allows you to play with other online players from all over the world.

For inviting your friends to your Monopoly GO game, you can also use a variety of methods. Monopoly GO also provides players with silky smooth social media integration, so you can send invitations directly through platforms such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

If you just want to play a very private game with your friends, you can also generate a unique game code in the app and send it to your friends privately via SMS or email so that others can’t disturb you.

After your friends join your “room”, you can make changes to the game settings. Monopoly GO gives each player a very high degree of freedom to customize the game experience with a variety of customization options, such as you can set the time of each round, so that you can feel the very brisk pace of the game and keep the game attractive to you.

In addition, you can also adjust the initial resources, starting funds and property distribution, so that each player is equal at the beginning of the game.

Before you choose the right game mode, you need to consider your friends’ preferences and free time. Private games are more controllable than public games, where you can choose to fight with a team, while the latter can make some new players, but it will also add some uncertainty to the game.

After carefully setting up the configuration and choosing the right game mode, you and your friends can start your happy Monopoly GO journey! Whether you enter a private game with close friends or a public game with strangers, you must not forget to be thoughtfully prepared and inclusive in your gameplay.

Winning Strategies For Cooperative Games

In order to maximize your chances of winning, you all need to fully learn strategies and skills. One key aspect is proper property acquisition.

In the early stages of the game, you need to ensure the safety of your property and prevent other players from entering your board to rob or destroy your landmarks, especially those that are important enough to form a monopoly.

Learning to trade effectively is another key to your success in Monopoly GO. After you negotiate with other players, you can complete your set. So you need to be prepared to make some valuable trades, but don’t forget that sometimes giving up a property may bring you huge future gains.

It is also very important to manage your finances in the game. You need to keep a close eye on your cash reserves to ensure that you have enough cash flow to pay rent, fines, and other fees to other players.

Most importantly, you need to avoid overexpansion by building too many landmarks too quickly, which may cause your income and expenses to be unbalanced. This means that a balanced income and expenses can provide you with stability over your opponents.

Since it is done in cooperation, it is also very important to build your own strategic alliances. You can form temporary partnerships with your friends or strangers in public games to prevent some common threats and facilitate mutually beneficial transactions.

In addition, you and your partner need to make full use of the dynamic events in Monopoly GO. These events can change the game landscape or even turn the situation around with unpredictable opportunities or challenges. You need to be flexible and ready to take advantage of these events to give you every reward you can’t miss, including Monopoly Go Stickers and free dices.

In addition to your own strategy, you can also use some special cards and power-ups that are unique to Monopoly GO, such as free properties, extra cash or the opportunity to hinder your opponent. This is not cheating, it is allowed and can create turning points in the game.

Clear communication is essential for enhancing the overall gaming experience. Establish open communication channels to ensure all players feel comfortable expressing their opinions and concerns. Mutual respect is the key to amicably resolving conflicts and maintaining a harmonious gaming environment.

By prioritizing communication and respect, you can effectively navigate challenges and enjoy your time playing Monopoly GO together.


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