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Monopoly GO: Which Token Is Your Favorite So Far?

Posted: Jul 10, 2024

Tokens are very important in board games like Monopoly GO. They are the pieces used to play the board, and they date back to 1935 when the board game was first created.

As Monopoly GO continues to develop, players have seen many tokens added to the game. You can get different amounts of tokens by completing Sticker Albums in the game, participating in different Monopoly Go Partners Events, or even login rewards.

This guide will help you review some tokens that have been well received so far. Come and see if there are any you like!

Monopoly GO: Which Token Is Your Favorite So Far?

Classic Car

  • Release date: April 11, 2023

Classic Car, also known as race car, is the oldest Monopoly token. This token is inspired by the convertible sports car of the 1930s, so it is also the most popular token among players in Monopoly GO.

Not only because it provides a strong nostalgia factor, but also because players who like simplicity will still use this token in their activities.

Chubby Cheeks

  • Release date: May 3, 2024

Chubby Cheeks differs from Classic Car. It is a token based on an animal called Capybara, which is no longer an old item. Many people love this Monopoly GO token that can be obtained through Nocturnal Treasures excavation event because it captures the hearts of many people with its cute, rodent-like cuteness.

Many players who study aesthetics said in the community that the developers used a very suitable color scheme for it, which well shows its noble and cuteness, and a leaf on its head makes it even cuter.


  • Release date: April 11, 2023

Thimble token in Monopoly GO may not be as meaningful or beautiful as the first two. It looks very simple. But it is significant in the world of Monopoly GO, because the first Monopoly champion in United States used this token.

Monopoly GO Thimble

It has been with the board game since its inception and will appear in multiple versions. Many players see her plain appearance and directly use it as their first board to explore, and in this board, players only need to upgrade their net worth.

Carnival Coconut

  • Release date: February 1, 2024

Carnival Coconut is one of the cutest characters in Monopoly GO. He’s a smiling coconut wearing a Tutti Frutti hat. In addition to its appearance, its shape as a token is also very pleasing to people, and it can be bounced and squeezed at will.

Since this token is part of Prize Parade Milestone event, it is also easier to get started, which makes many players have Carnival Coconut in their showrooms.

Free Parking Car Token

  • Release date: January 4, 2024

On Monopoly GO board, there is a tile in the corner, directly opposite GO tile, called Free Parking. As its name suggests, nothing happens when you land on this tile.

There is a red vintage car on this tile, which is the 3D model of Free Parking Car Token. This token mainly exists during Monopoly Origins event. After completing Monopoly Go Stickers album released by this event, you can get Free Parking Car Token.

Chef Scottie

  • Release date: May 12, 2024

Scottie is the loyal partner of the virtual Mr. Monopoly in Monopoly GO. He is a sheepdog with a long beard and is also very good. There are many tokens based on Scottie in the game, but Chef Scottie is different.

Chef Scottie is based on Scottie in a chef’s uniform with a spoon in his mouth - this is also a reward for Chef’s Journey event. Although you can’t smell all the dishes Scottie cooks because of current mobile technology, it is very cute just from the appearance.

Popstar Ms. M

  • Release date: June 18, 2024

Hasbro, as a developer, has added Ms. Monopoly or Ms. M to a female version of the board game for the first time, and it is limited to this version, not other versions. So Monopoly GO also created this little-known character based on her creation.

Much like Rockstar Mr. M token, Popstar Ms. M also came out with a retro look and became its feature.

Disco Mr. M

  • Release date: March 28, 2024

Mr. M has always been the face of Monopoly board game series, and even Monopoly Go app icon shows him as a “rich uncle”. In Monopoly GO, a Disco token was created specifically for him - wearing retro white disco clothes and an orange afro.

If you participated in Making Music Album completion, you will definitely see it as a reward. But this competition is very difficult, so this token is also very difficult to get.


  • Release date: August 31, 2023

Hammer token existed in the early days of Monopoly GO and was released with Epic Myths Sticker album. As you can guess from the name, this token is inspired by Norse god Thor’s hammer Mjölnir.

This token is very compatible with its sticker album so many players at the time worked extremely hard to win this token and the album.

Scottie Sleeping

  • Release date: September 13, 2023

Scottie Sleeping is another very cute token based on Scottie. It entered Monopoly GO with Scottie’s Mansion milestone event.

Although its appearance is as cute as Chef Scottie, its animation is not as good as Chef Scottie, so there are not as many people who own or collect it as Chef Scottie. But for those players who are crazy about Scottie, no matter what variant of Scottie, it is very beloved.

I believe you will definitely have a favorite among these tokens! And let us look forward to what new activities and tokens will be in July!


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