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Monopoly Go: Do ​​You Know Shell Tokens In Aqua Partners? - How To Get & What Rewards?

Posted: Jun 26, 2024

Monopoly GO is a fun mobile board game from Scopely that follows the classic Monopoly board game. And it adds a lot of fun features. You need to roll the dice to build landmarks and collect rent from opponent players until they go bankrupt.

Tokens in Monopoly GO are pieces that you move around the board as you play the game, and they come in different types to show your progress in the game. In a recent event, Scopely added an exciting partner event called Aqua Partners.

Monopoly Go: Do ​​You Know Shell Tokens In Aqua Partners? - How To Get & What Rewards?

The event has already started and is very popular among players! Like all partner events in Monopoly Go, Aqua Partners has its own currency: Shell tokens. These tokens are required to spin the partner wheel, which awards points for completing event milestones and building aquariums.

Some players feel that this token has special powers and want to get more Shell tokens. If you think so, then keep reading!

Are Token Powers Real?

The trendy Monopoly GO tokens, such as Gold Hammer token, Gold Lion token, and St. Paddy’s Cat token, may have led some players to believe they had special powers, but quite the opposite is true.

In Monopoly GO, tokens have absolutely no special powers. They are just for decoration and do not affect the outcome of your dice roll or which square it lands on in any way. So what determines this? The game algorithm. So no matter which token you use, it will not change the outcome of your dice roll.

How To Get More Shell Tokens?

While these tokens don’t have any special functions, they can still help you progress through the game. Here are some ways you can get Shell tokens for free, so let’s take a look!

Land On Shell Pickups

During Aqua Partners event, there will be a special space on Monopoly Go board where you can collect Shell tokens. So you need to try to land on these Shell token pickup tiles to ensure that you can stock up on tokens.

Another tip is that you can use a higher dice multiplier to increase the number of Shell tokens you get. For example, when you roll the dice with an x50 multiplier, you will get 50 Shell tokens every time you land on those tiles.

Monopoly Go Shell Tokens

Attend As Many Events And Tournaments As Possible

Actively participating in the various events and tournaments during Aqua Partners event is one of the most reliable ways to collect Shell tokens. Completing these limited-time challenges, such as the Ecological Escapade or Shark Track, will take you directly to exciting milestones and reward you with hundreds of Shell Tokens.

Make Sure You Complete Your Quick Wins

Quick Wins are the shortest and easiest tasks you’ll have in the game, but they give you very valuable rewards, including a small amount of Shell tokens. This task refreshes every day at 00:00, so make sure to complete Quick Wins before it refreshes each day.

Although the tokens you get from this task are very small, the good thing is that there is a steady supply of Shell tokens.

Get Free Gifts

Every eight hours, you’ll be rewarded with a surprise gift in Monopoly Go store, and it’s free. Be sure to claim these gifts, as they contain a lot of Shell tokens, dice, and even Monopoly Go Stickers, which are all very valuable.

This gift will also help you complete Aqua Partners milestones, which brings us back to the topic just now. After completing milestones, you will also get Shell tokens, and more and more!

Get Partner Gifts

The best part about Partner Events is that your partners can help you by sending you Partner Gifts. The number of Shell tokens in this gift depends entirely on luck, and most of them are random. But if your partner lands in Partner Gift position, you will get the same number of Shell tokens as them.

Now that we are talking about Aqua Partners, many players are not very familiar with how this event works. Here are some things to note about Aqua Partners. After you complete this event, you will receive a grand prize - 5,000 dice rolls, a pack of Monopoly Go Stickers, and an adorable Puffer Fish board token.

How To Play Aqua Partners?

If you are new to Monopoly Go, you need to enter at least the fifth game to participate in Partner Events. If you have completed it, after Aqua Partners event starts, there will be four designated positions on your board for your partner teams.

Once you have selected your partners, you cannot change them, so you should find some reliable people or friends to form a team. After selecting, you can enter the special event wheel, which requires you to spend 20 Shell tokens per spin. But if you want to build an aquarium, you need at least 3,000 to 6,000 Shell tokens.

After you collect a certain number of tokens, you can increase the token multiplier. For example, increasing the number of tokens required per spin from 200 to 600 will maximize your points.

Here is a little tip to tell you that you can communicate with your teammates and decide on the construction method of the aquarium. Some players may like to build aquariums one by one in sequence, while others like to build 4 aquariums, which also means more Shell tokens will be spent here.

Monopoly Go Aqua Partners

However, it should be said in advance that focusing on completing one aquarium allows your team to maximize the milestone rewards for each aquarium, such as High Roller and Cash Boost. Among them, High Roller can also help you collect Shell tokens faster.

Whatever strategy you choose, the most important thing is to communicate clearly with your partners, discuss in advance which method and make efforts to help you build aquariums effectively and win generous prizes.

After reading this, do you know more about Aqua Partners? I hope you have fun at this Monopoly Go event and collect more rent!


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