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Genshin Impact: A Quick Guide On Xianyun Pre-Farming - Ascension Materials, Best Artifacts & Weapons

Posted: Dec 27, 2023

Xianyu will be released in the first phase of version 4.4 in Genshin Impact and here is a quick Xianyu pre-farming guide where we’ll cover character and talent, Ascension Materials as well as her best artifact sets and weapons.

Ascension Materials

As an Anemo character, Xianyu‘s Ascension requires the Vayuda Turquoise Gems. You need to find 1 piece of Vayuda Turqouise Sliver, 9 pieces of Vayuda Turqouise Fragments, 9 pieces of Vayuda Turqouise Chunks and 6 pieces of Vayuda Turqouise Gemstones. You can obtain these materials by defeating the Anemo Hypostasis and the Setekh Wenut. Or if you need enough Genshin Impact Accounts, then you don't need to fight with these bosses.

Next you should collect 168 pieces of Clearwater Jade which can be found in the upcoming new region, Xianyu Veil. You’ll also need 4 36 pieces of Cloudseam Scale from the new world boss coming in version 4.4. Xianyu’s character and talent ascensions share the same monster materials scroll drops from Samachurls. You’ll need 36 pieces of Divining Scroll, 96 pieces of Sealed Scroll and 129 pieces of Forbidden Curse Scroll.

For talent books, you can farm the gold series books from Taishan Mansion on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Gather, 9 Teachings of Gold, 63 Guides to Gold, and 114 Philosophies of Gold. For a balance above level 6, you'll require new material, Lightless eye of the Maelstorm from my pet, All devouring Narwhal.

Genshin Impact: A Quick Guide On Xianyun Pre-Farming - Ascension Materials, Best Artifacts & Weapons

Best Artifacts

Xianyun is an attack-scaling healer capable of transforming any character into Shia, so her choice of artifacts depends on her role in your teams. If you intend to play her as a DPS. For the DPS Artifacts, you can use the four-piece Desert Pavilion Chronicle set or a combination of two-piece sets that enhance attack and ano damage.

If you want to play her as support, the most effective artifact sets would be Viridescent Venerer and Noblesse Oblise. I’d advise against using the Song of the Day’s Past set. Its mechanics are better suited for DPS characters that scale with HP. While it could potentially synergize with Cloud Retainer, I recommend more testing to confirm its effectiveness in this specific team.

Test Net’s charged attack damage increased by approximately 10 to 12%, but this boost was limited to five hits only. Moreover, the buff is backloaded and needs mastery over timing and rotations, so I find Noblesse Oblige and Viridescent Veneer sets to be more dependable options.

Best Weapons

Then let's move on to the weapons. Those who want to dive into the plunge meta should consider obtaining Xianyun’s signature weapon because it boosts plunge damage of party members by 28% for 20 seconds. For a DPS Xianyun, aside from her signature catalyst, prioritize crit stat weapons since her ascension stat is attack percent. As for a support build, her signature weapon Crane’s Echoing Call is the top choice. The best free-to-play weapons are the event-limited Oathsworn Eye and Favonius Codex.

That wraps up our Xianyun pre-farming guide. Hope you will like and have a try.


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