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FIFA 23: New Promotion Level Up Released And Some Leaks

Posted: Jul 08, 2023

Posted: Jul 08, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Many FIFA 23 players thought, as I did, that Ultimate Team's next promo would be FUTTIES, but EA Sports' decision seemed unexpected. At present, the developer has officially announced that the next promotion has started on July 7th, called Level Up, which is an event that has never been seen before.


The Emergence Of Level Up Surprised Players

Shapeshifter promotion will be exiting FIFA 23 Ultimate Team recently, replaced by a brand new in-game promotion called "Level Up" instead of the expected FUTTIES event. And the current FIFA 23 Level Up Team 1 lineup has been confirmed.

Over the past few weeks, FIFA 23 fans have enjoyed the biggest and most exciting Shapeshifters sale in FUT history, featuring some of the best FUT cards the game has ever seen, including the 99-point Shapeshifter Icon Pele, they can be purchased with FUT 23 Coins. However, it had to end, due to a never-before-seen promotion, Level Up, which will replace it in FUT.


The release of Level Up trailer came as a surprise to many as last year's popular FUT trailer, FUTTIES will be released right after Shapeshifters trailer in FIFA 22, usually in July. Here's everything I know about the upcoming Level Up promotion, including confirmed release dates, upcoming player info, updates on FUTTIES and more.

Level Up is an ongoing promotion for FUT 23, and with EA Sports confirming its arrival and explaining how it will work with FUT loading screens, a bunch of upcoming players have also been leaked on social media.

FIFA 23 Level Up Confirms Release Date

Via FUT loading screen, EA uploaded a card image with a countdown timer until the release of Level Up. The arcade-like design is indeed pleasing to the eye, and the accompanying countdown confirms that Level Up will take place on July 7th at 6pm (BST) / 1pm (EST) / 10am (PDT) on FUT release.


The card design of Level Up promotion also surprised players, with many in FUT community rating Level Up card as one of the best cards in FUT history.

There's no information yet on how long FUT sale will last, but I expect it could be two weeks. This means Level Up will likely drop out of FUT pack on Friday 14th July at 5:59pm BST / 12:59pm ET / 9:59am PDT.

FIFA 23 Level Up Introduction

In Level Up promotion, players can "Level Up" these special items by completing in-game tasks. This promo is very similar to FUT Ballers promo, but players must first complete objectives with the lower-tier versions of the cards before unlocking the higher-tier versions.

For example, EA has confirmed that Chelsea's Enzo Fernandez will be included in the promotional video. On the left is Fernandez's level 92 upgrade card. If you want to get the level 95 version, players must complete the "Level Up Your Game" goal in FUT.

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FIFA 23 Level Up Players' Information

Here are all the leaked information we know so far about who could be on the first team in the upgrade promotion.

  • CM: Renato Sanches (Paris Saint-Germain)
  • CM: Enzo Fernandez (Chelsea)
  • CM: Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)
  • ST: Dusan Vlahovic (Juventus)
  • ST: Edinson Cavani (Valencia)
  • LB: Alphonso Davies (Bayern Munich)
  • ST: Timo Werner (RB Leipzig)
  • RB: Juan Foyth (Villarreal)
  • RW: Jesus Corona (Sevilla)

FIFA Leaks


Much of FUT community has been anticipating FUTTIES promotion, but the emergence of Level Up promotion confirms that it won't be released just yet.

There's no confirmation that it will be released, but I expect it to, just later than first thought.


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