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FFXIV: Wanna Get The Emerald Gwiber Mount? You Need To Know These

Posted: Dec 17, 2020

FFXIV patch 5.4 introduced the Emerald Weapon battle. We have also introduced the specific method of unlocking Emerald Weapon before. If you are interested, click here.

Complete the extreme mode of the battle, you will get weapons and crafting materials, as well as a new flying mount - Emerald Gwiber. As for this green dragon mount that can glow, there are several ways to get it.

Defeating Emerald Weapon (Extreme)

When you unlock the Emerald Weapon extreme mode, you need to know enough info about it so that you're able to clear it. This requires you to practice a lot, and to have enough patience and time, then you will have a chance to beat the boss. Whenever you defeat Emerald Weapon (Extreme), the mount may appear as loot in the treasure chest. In your team, if someone does not own the mount, then that person can roll on it.

Collecting Emerald Totem

If you didn't have enough luck to get this mount before, don't worry, FFXIV has already set up a special system for rare mounts like it. Whenever you clear Emerald Weapon Extreme, you will get an Emerald Totem. You can exchange these totems for level 515 weapons.

Or, when the battle is over, you can directly exchange totems for the mount. You can also join the farm team, once the mount can be purchased with Totem, you need to make sure you have enough totems.

When this mount can be exchanged with totems, you can go to Mor Dhona (X: 22.7, Y: 6.7) to find C'intana, and you will find what you need there. List under the Bombastic Bric-a-bac options, and she is also the one you regularly exchange totems for weapons.

These are ways to get Emerald Gwiber in FFXIV, for more guides or news, you can bookmark our news page on IGGM.

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