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FFXIV: The Highly Anticipated Yo-Kai Watch Event Returns In 2024!

Posted: Apr 27, 2024

Posted: Apr 27, 2024

Source:  IGGM

The Yo-Kai Watch collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV has returned on April 24th, which offering 17 weapons, 17 minions, and 3 mounts available during the event. Given the significant interest of players in the Yo-Kai Watch event, let me share some essential information to help you get started!

FFXIV: The Highly Anticipated Yo-Kai Watch Event Returns In 2024!

Yo-Kai Watch Event Explained

To participate in the Yo-Kai Watch event, you first need to pick up the quest in Old Gridania at the Poor-heeled Youth NPC, and this will start the Yo-Kai quest line. Once you receive the item, the Yo-Kai Watch, remember that you need to physically equip it for your character.

If you're a returning player and can't remember where you left your Yo-Kai Watch, you can use an in-game search function to locate it. To get the Yo-Kai Watch back with FFXIV Gil, visit a recompense officer in a starting city-state. Along with the quest, you'll receive the Yo-Kai Medals and the Legendary Medals. These 2 currencies are used to purchase minions and weapons, respectively, from the Wandering Executive.

Framer's Kit

If you've already collected all 17 Yo-Kai minions, or you're close to doing so, then the 17 weapons aren't necessary. Instead, you can obtain the new Framers Kit reward. It is obtained by befriending all 17 minions. Unlike the mounts, you don't need to collect all 17 weapons to receive this item. This makes it a bit easier to obtain, but it's exclusive to this updated version of the Yo-Kai Watch event.

If you're a returning player who has already collected all the weapons and minions in previous iterations of the event, this is the only new addition to pick up. However, if you haven't completed it in the past years, you can still participate and use any leftover medallions from the previous years.

Legendary Yo-Kai Medals

Once you have the Yo-Kai Watch, equip it on your character and start participating in Fully Active Time Events (FATES) across various areas, like La Noscea, the Black Shroud, Thanalan, Heavenward areas, or Stormblood areas. Achieving silver or gold ratings in these FATES will earn you some Legendary Yo-Kai Medals.


Exchange For Minions

Then you can use these medals to purchase minions from the Gold Saucer vendor. The first minion costs only 1 Yo-Kai Medal, but subsequent purchases increase to 3 Yo-Kai Medals each, with 17 minions available. These medals are guaranteed drops as long as you have your Yo-Kai Watch equipped during the FATES.

Once you have one of the minions, summon it, then start to do Fates again. Now, since you have the minion summoned, while doing a select few Fates, they will complete on silver or gold rating and give you a chance of a legendary Yo-Kai Medal of that specific minion dropping.

Exchange For Weapons

However, only certain zones will be applicable to each minion. And that means if you're going for a specific weapon, you need to look at what weapon comes from what minion and what area you need to farm Fates with that particular minion out. So make sure you get the right place and have the right minion out.

Once you have the ones that you need, you can exchange those Legendary Yo-Kai Medals for the weapon of your choice in the Gold Saucer. The first weapon that you actually do costs 5 Legendary Yo-Kai Medals in total, but every weapon past that first one will cost you 10 Legendary Yo-Kai Medals. Choose the weapon you want to farm for the most first, as it is the easiest obvious to get.

Tips And Tricks

It’s worth noting that you don’t actually have to have the Yo-Kai Watch equipped at this point if you’re just after the Legendary Medals and let’s say you already have all the minions you want or all of the minions in Yo-Kai Watch event. Then un-equipping the watch will actually save you some inventory space because this will then stop the normal non-Legendary Medals from dropping.

It is only the minion being summoned out while you complete the specific Fate on that list that will give you the chance to drop Legendary Medals. The Yo-Kai Watch does not influence that drop chance. Obtaining 13 minions will get you the Whisper A-go-go mount.


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