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FFXIV Starlight Celebration: How To Get The Starlight Mobile?

Posted: Dec 17, 2021

On FFXIV Starlight Celebration for 2021, you can get some items. After completing the main quests of this season event, you can get Wind-up Rudy mission and the Emperor Squirrel.

You can also get a Starlight Mobile to add to your home. But unlike the other two items, you can buy Starlight Mobile elsewhere in the event. IGGM will tell you how to get the Starlight Mobile item in FFXIV Starlight Celebration 2021.

How to get Starlight Mobile item?

You need to go to Old Gridania and find the NPC called Starlight Celebrant. Their specific coordinates are X:10.6, Y:8.7. 

After you find them, you can talk to them. They will provide you with Starlight Mobile for you to purchase 6000 FFXIV Gil.

You can talk with Starlight Celebrant at any time during the event. You don't need to complete Seasonal Quests or any other objectives to talk to NPCs to access their inventory.

You can buy a lot of Starlight Mobile as long as you want. The 2021 Starlight Celebration is held on December 16th and will last until Dec 31st. Once the event is over, you will not have a chance to get Starlight Mobile, so you can hurry up during this period.

IGGM will keep up with the latest developments of Starlight Celebration and will share the new content in time to provide you with new ideas of playing, and we will often check the feedback of players, so as to provide some Endwalker-related game guides. 

In short, if you are an FFXIV player, don't miss IGGM.In addition to finding some game guides here, you can also buy FFXIV Gil you need, which will make your progress in Endwalker smoother.


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